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Online reviews : the Lifeblood of Hotel industry

Online reviews are incredibly important to hoteliers. The impact of both positive and negative reviews and their volume can make or break a hotel’s reputation with its customers. For example, 62% of customers think that seeing a hotel’s response to online reviews influence them in a positive way to book that hotel.

The statistics around hotel reviews are staggering. Did you know that 96% of travelers trust online reviews? It is also estimated that 50% of global travelers will not book a hotel room until after they have read user generated reviews online. Often they will look to trusted user generated websites such as TripAdvisor.

The hotel industry has evolved to meet their customer’s demands with more than 50% of hotels now responding to their hotel reviews. However the evolution has been slow.
as there has only been a seven percent increase in hotel responses in the past five years.

Have a look at this infographic created by the Maiden Stride on best practice techniques for hoteliers when responding to online reviews.


The main factors influencing the potential guests are :

  1. The rise of hotel reviews
  2. The importance to responding to reviews even if negative
  3. How to customize every answer
  4. Encourage guests to leave a review
  5. Give option to leave a feedback using the TV
  6. Make iPad accessible during check-out
  7. Create custom Wi-Fi home page
  8. Give guests complimentary postcard / souvenir
  9. Reward Guests
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