My professional career, CEO & Founder of Hospitality Travel and Tourism News.

Classical studies and then … my work experience has not started immediately in the Hotel Industry but developed since 2003, always in Front/ back office, taking care both of the reception and customer care but also the administrative sector (reservations, follow-up, pick-up, update of OTAs, payments), increasing in course of time skills and functions.

Here I am : Luisa Rellini

Since 2013 I started working gradually as a Tourism consultant on behalf of medium-small accommodations facilities (Villas, Vacation rentals, B&B, Farmhouses), offering my assistance in everything regarding the online distribution, OTAs choice, reservations and correspondence management, attention to details and pricing, creation of historical data but also customer service. The daily use of Social networks and other platforms supports me in the business communication plan.

My hotel experience as employee has been various, working in mountain hotel, camping in the city, reservation center of chain hotel, Hotel-Resort of chain hotel, city hotel … I have discovered in course of time many situations always pretty useful and formative.

Since 2017 I periodically started to offer my experiences in seminars info-training both for future Hotel receptionists and for professionals searching for a comparison with their knowledge and skills.

I continue participating in events and tourism fairs in Italy and abroad to keep myself updated and to compare myself with other professionals of the Tourism industry.

The opening of this Blog took place in 2012 with the aim of creating a sort of Travel diary in which to share personal ideas and opinions on the many case histories we live day by day in Hotel.

Over time, many other bloggers have contributed in Italian or English and I have released some publications and interviews on various magazines.

I know in advance how much I still have to learn but I think it’s worth it anyway!

I have always thought that every structure is special for something and that the service quality can be offered in any type of accommodation.

Understanding our client’s needs and overcoming their expectations should be our best daily challenge

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