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How to Use Blogging to Build a Personal Brand

Whether you’re a versed traveler exploring the globe and you’ve decided to turn it into a lucrative career online, or you’d like to build visibility for your services – blogging is one of the most effective digital tools at your disposal. Especially useful for people with travel-related professions, blogging helps bring your job closer to the world, earn more visibility, and engage with your followers and potential customers.

Too many people will often set up a website, and no matter how well-designed it is, they’ll let it sit idly without updating content on a regular basis. Truth be told, content is your site’s lifeblood. Blogs, as your often most informative and most helpful content pieces can truly build a community out of a group of random people interested in the same things.

For an individual such as yourself, blogging is the ideal tool to build a personal brand in this day and age. Of course, it won’t be the be-all, end-all of your strategy, but it should be one of its cornerstones if you’re looking to be more successful. Here are a few ways you can secure your personal brand online with the help of blogging!

Research your target audience’s interests

A blog should be about your personal brand, absolutely, but it should also reflect your target audience’s interests and preferences. Get to know your potential readers by researching your target demographic, and you’ll be able to leverage your blog much more strategically.

  • Research your competitors in the blogging industry to see what they are doing well and to see how you fit into the market.
  • When you start publishing, start tracking how your posts rank and how your audience responds – that kind of data will help you understand what you’re doing right and how you can do better.
  • Sometimes it’s all about timing and engagement, not the topics themselves, so make sure your entire strategy is ready for maximizing the use of your blogs.

Set up a personal website

Your personal brand needs a website where you can outline your values and engage with your target audience. Let your blog come to life by first building a personal website that corresponds to your expertise and reputation. That means choosing a domain name that isn’t packed with random keywords, but rather one that is selective: you can combine your own first or last name with your profession, or a single key phrase explaining what you do.

Use a trusted, personal extension like .me that inspires trust from your audience, so that they’ll feel inclined to click on every blog you publish on that domain name. Make sure that your site reflects your values and that your blog can truly grow on such a website that represents your expertise in the best possible light.

Mix and match with SEO and social channels

Of course, blogging is one of the most vital tactics used in any successful digital marketing strategy out there, so it makes sense that you should leverage your blog to position your personal brand better. Every article you post should be in line with your brand values, absolutely, but it should also correspond to the industry’s relevant keywords and phrases that your audience finds valuable. Search engines appreciate this as a way to recognize your site as a valid source of information on certain topics.

In boosting your ranking, you’re effectively boosting your own authority in your field of work! To take your blog game a little further in an effort to establish a stronger brand presence, you should also share your content across all social media platforms where your brand resides.

  • Add questions to your post to ask your followers for their thoughts and comments – inspire engagement!
  • Do your keyword research to make your blogs more valuable for search engines and customers. It will help you discover topics your audience wants to read about.
  • Keep up your conversations alive by publishing sequels to your posts and establishing a connection between them on social media, too.

Add value with compelling visuals

Blogs might derive their power from words, but accompanying visuals in the form of photos, illustrations, graphics, and animated content can be very helpful, and engaging. Follow the most vital design principles to create visuals that will be as appealing as the voice of your personal brand.

Keep in mind that your blog can live in many formats – you can repurpose old posts and publish them as infographics to revive interest in them. Just make sure that your information is up to date. GIFs and other fun visual details are spot-on for younger audiences, so it’s great to make sure your visuals are aligned with your demographic, too.

Go beyond the blog

Whether you work in the travel and hospitality world or in an entirely different industry, your blogs might often benefit others as much as yourself. So, asking other businesses to republish your blog or to share it on social media can benefit all parties involved. For example, if you write a stellar review of a hotel in which you spend an entire vacation, they will most likely be eager to share that post, too.

You can boost engagement for your blog posts by responding to comments in a timely manner, both on your website and your social media accounts. If people reach out to you via messaging platforms, make sure to respond – it helps elevate interest and engagement across the board.

Blogging alone is one mighty weapon for growing your personal and professional presence in the overcrowded online realm. It gives you the chance to define your unique voice, share your views, and offer useful advice to your followers – and even more so, build a reputation for yourself as a professional. Make sure to keep these ideas in mind to make your blog as useful as possible, and you’ll have a better chance at developing a strong presence in your industry!

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