5 Uniquely Diverse Food Experiences in Singapore

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5 Uniquely Diverse Food Experiences in Singapore

When you’re about to spend some time in a culturally different country such as Singapore, you mostly focus on history, cultural legacy, and other forms of unique heritage spots worth exploring – all absolutely worth your travel while. Making time for food, however, should definitely be part of your agenda, as it is one of the most authentic ways to experience a new travel destination on your list. After all, Singapore is a true melting pot, bringing people and influences not just from Asia but from all over the world.

As far as the local food goes, it’s anything but strictly “local”. The foodie scene is as diverse and multicultural as the people who live there, so it deserves a special mention as a unique experience this place can provide. Here are a few suggestions for you to get a better taste of Singapore’s finest menu, from fine dining restaurants to street food joints you can enjoy every day. For the time being, dining out in its traditional sense is still not possible due to the pandemic and ongoing restrictions, but you can always order in and make the most of what Singapore has to offer!

The west has traveled east

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If you come from a typical western country, so you crave Mexican food or some good-old French toast, you’d be surprised at the choices at your disposal in Singapore. What’s more, some western joints deliver food to your doorstep until very late at night, so that all of your burger cravings can be satisfied in no time. When you feel homesick in terms of the menu, this is perhaps the easiest way to choose a cheese platter to go, or order a healthy salmon avocado salad for a fusion, West-inspired dish.

You’ll be instantly transported to some of those classic spots in NYC, especially for barbecue lovers and pizza fans. What’s more, there are drive-in restaurant options for those who especially like that approach, so you can hit Bedrock Bar & Grill when you’re up for some ribeye.

Local street food on the rise

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Known for its affordable food stalls, Singapore street food is definitely becoming more popular than ever, not just with tourists, but with locals, too. These hubs are cultural jewels, you’ll find the locals eagerly huddling together to have a taste of roasted meats paired with seasonal vegetables and local produce of all sorts.

How about some roti prata, also known as the Asian croissant? It can be both sweet and savory, depending on your mood. Katong laksa is another street delicacy, rice noodles soaked in a coconut sauce, served with fish cake, and a variety of seasonal veggies. All in all, you cannot go wrong when trying any of their local street food, so hop over to Hawker food centers, and take a pick.

Genuine Chinese for true aficionados

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It’s well known that Singapore boasts quite a palette of international flavors, from English to Italy, and as we’ve already mentioned, the US is certainly omnipresent. However, you should aim to taste as much genuine Asian cuisine as possible, including the dominant Chinese flavors in Singapore.

Precisely because of its multicultural background, you’ll find different types of Chinese food available across the city, from classic Cantonese dumplings with shrimp or fish cakes, all the way to timeless Kung Pao chicken. In fact, Singapore has its own Chinatown, and a dedicated Food Street with the most alluring aromas from this country. This is where you should go when you’re genuinely hungry and ready to be amazed by the local chicken satay, among other wonderful items on the menu. In the mood for a modern take on traditional Chinese? Look no further than Madame Fan and her Cantonese specialties.

Fine dining elevated

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It might be a tourist attraction, but Singapore Cable Car definitely deserves a mention due to its original take on dining out. Plus, it’s perfect when you want to impress your significant other, propose to the one you love, or simply celebrate an anniversary in style. How exactly, you ask? Well, by dining with the view of the sky, elevated above Singapore in a genuine cable car.

It’s intimate, private, and the menu ranges from duck specialties to wagyu beef and Norwegian salmon, to keep all of your senses occupied. It’s the perfect combination of a dreamy menu with an extraordinary dining experience to tie it all together.

The authentic coffee and tea scene

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You thought that brunch is reserved for Australia or Italy? Far from it, since Asia’s own metropolises have long ago embraced the trend and introduced versatile eating hubs for such an occasion. In Singapore, you’ll find that the coffee and tea culture is truly unique. To be more specific, kopi is the chosen drink in Singapore, one that starts off coffee-like, made with flavorful robusta beans, but ends with a sweet taste of condensed milk, turning it into a caramel-like beverage. Doesn’t that sound divine?

Of course, you’ll also be able to find a bunch of classic coffee brews all over Singapore, so you’ll always find a wonderful espresso-style cup of java for yourself.

Visiting Singapore means that you’ll get a glimpse into how the local residents enjoy their cuisine, no matter if it’s Singaporean all the way, or with Malay or Chinese influences, or even if it comes straight from the West. From classic cheeseburgers to char kway teow, you’ll find that this lovely island hides all kinds of exotic flavors imbued with tradition as well as bold innovation. Immerse yourself into the local culture by tasting one delightful dish at a time!

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