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5 Effective Digital Marketing Tips That Will Skyrocket Your Business

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus crisis, online purchases have skyrocketed. For small businesses, building an online presence is the opportunity to stay afloat. 

From increasing brand reach to maximizing sales, the benefits of digital marketing are multiple.

In this article, we cover five digital marketing tactics that will supercharge your business growth.

  1. Know your Target Customers

Digital marketing can be overwhelming. While building an online presence can boost your reach, you still need to focus on the people interested in your products. That is why you need to develop a niche and appeal to buyers within it. 

Before investing in digital marketing, you should understand customers’ problems, triggering events, frustrations, needs, and priorities. Analyze their demographic and psychographic data. Based on it, create buyer personas. They will help you make data-driven marketing decisions and get into the head of your perfect customerUnderstand the Value of your Existing Customers

2. Understand the Value of your Existing Customers

While expanding a consumer base is essential for your business growth, retaining your existing customers is even more important. Studies show that it costs five times to acquire a new customer than close an existing one. 

One of the greatest advantages of digital marketing is that it allows you to deepen relationships with your loyal customers. 

For starters, identify your opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, and repeat purchases. Be it exclusive discounts, personalized email newsletters, or high-quality website content, give existing customers a reason to do business with you again

3. Build an Online Shop

During the Coronavirus pandemic, the number of online buyers has skyrocketed. This trend only indicates that ecommerce is not optional anymore. It is obligatory for any small business wanting to stay competitive and grow.

Therefore, if you still rely on your brick-and-mortar store, it is time to rethink your strategy. By building an ecommerce website and optimizing it for search engines, you can attract wider audiences, nurture qualified leads, and close sales faster.

Building your online shop is your first stop. With drag-and-drop ecommerce platforms, you can set up your online store even if you have little or no coding experience, you can set up your online store even if you have little or no coding experience. Sure, to drive seamless user experiences, consider hiring a web designer and SEO professionals to help you.

Many popular B2C brands also register on niche-related marketplaces to sell outside of their website. For example, independent fashion brands such as Aeter sell products on digital design districts that put their products in front of the right audiences.

4. Invest in Paid Ads

Organic digital marketing tactics, such as SEO or social networking, take time. Therefore, if you want to increase brand visibility and reach in the short term, consider investing in pay-to-play tactics. With PPC, your ads will start appearing in search results as soon as your campaign is approved.

Paid ads can also improve your conversion rates through targeting. For example, with Google Ads or Facebook ads, you can select your target audiences based on their location, brand preferences, age, income, etc. That way, your ads will appear in front of the right customer groups that convert into qualified leads and paying customers.

5. Rely on Word-of-Mouth Marketing

In the digital marketing landscape, social proof plays a fundamental role. Your customers conform to the actions of others, assuming that their beliefs and opinions are reflective of the correct behavior.

Statistics back me up on that. According to BrightLocal, 79% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Now, you can leverage word-of-mouth marketing in many ways:

  • Encourage customers to rate and review your business on your website, social networks, business review platforms, etc.
  • Ask repeat customers to write testimonials. Publish them along with their names and pictures or create testimonial videos.
  • Leverage user-generated content. Ask customers to create high-quality photos/videos of your products and tag your brand. Always repost this content on your brand’s official accounts.
  • Invest in influencer marketing. Ensure they are in the same or related niche and that they target the same audiences. For example, if you are a hospitability brand, you will want to connect with a travel or food blogger. 

Over to You

Irrespective of your industry, digital marketing is the nerve center of your business. It helps you attract wider audiences, generate more qualified leads, and boost conversion rates. Unlike traditional marketing, it also allows you to build and nurture strong relationships with customers and encourage their loyalty.

I hope these digital marketing tips will help you! 

What digital marketing tactics do you use?

Eve Anderson

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