The Potential of Influencer Marketing for Your Tourism Venture 

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The Potential of Influencer Marketing for Your Tourism Venture 

Marketers have proved it time and time again: influencer marketing is effective across all industries and niches. Due to the powers of social proof and influential impact, social media celebrities are more likely to trigger purchasing decisions among their followers than any other testimonial (except friends and family).

Tourism is no exception. If you have a tourism startup, influencers should be your top pick for marketing investment

Social media influencers have the ability not only to promote and sell products but also present them in the form of an experience and a lifestyle. So, what you’re actually going for when you’re cooperating with influencers is to promote the idea of your tourist venture as a life-changing experience, not as a commodity.  

How can you find influencers for your tourism venture

Do you just contact someone who has a lot of followers? Sure, you can do that, but there are also platforms and more professional ways to get in touch with an influencer if you want to promote your tourism brand.

So, the first thing that you can do is to look up influencers who are aligned with your brand. This means that they stand for the same values, use the same voice to talk to their audience, use the same messaging, etc.

When you use influencer search platforms, you can find professional influencers with experience and marketing campaigns who already have success with promoting products or services to their audience. You can already filter those social media influencers who have accounts in the travel/tourism niche.

How do you start working with an influencer

Let’s say you found an influencer that you like and you’d like them to promote your tourism brand to their follower base. As we have said, you can contact them on the social media messaging platform or use other ways to reach out. It all starts by explaining who your company is and what you need from them.

Setting up cooperation with an influencer

Once you’ve reached out to an influencer and they’ve said yes to cooperating with you, it’s time to line out the conditions and terms of your cooperation. First, you need to be clear about your expectations.

The best approach to active and effective communication with your influencer is to come up with a brief that will contain all necessary information for them to carry out a successful campaign. You should sit down with your team and write down, precisely, all deliverables and results you expect from your influencer campaign.

Setting clear goals

When you’re running a marketing campaign with social media influencers, you really do need to have goals in mind, although you don’t need to explicitly share them with the influencer. If you don’t, it will be complicated to determine whether your campaign was a success or not. Pinpoint what it is exactly that you want to achieve. Do you want to:

  • get more followers and likes on your tourism startups social media profiles
  • attract more traffic and clicks to your website/increase the average time spent on site/boost your SEO ranking
  • increase your sales and conversion rates
  • improve brand awareness and reputation?

Monitoring the campaign 

Making sure that your tourism start up benefits from working with an influencer in a marketing campaign is not only the job of the influencer. You, as the marketer, have an equal responsibility to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

As a partner in this influencer marketing campaign, you need to make sure that the post or story that the influencer will share with their followers reaches as many people as possible. So, what you want to do is share that post or story on your own company page or profile, among your employees or staff, encourage sharing, comments, likes, etc. 

Working with professionals 

Another tactic that will surely increase your chances of success in hitting your marketing goals or key performance indicators (KPIs) is to cooperate with professionals in influencer marketing. This especially applies to you if you never carried out an influencer marketing campaign before.

There are many content marketers and creators who have a lot of influence in partnering up with influencers. They will know exactly how to get the best possible cooperation terms from them and can help you get the most out of your investment. You can work with professional writers who can write engaging captions for your influencer posts or hire professional designers who will edit the photos and make them look their best. 


Influencer marketing definitely has a lot of potential in the tourism industry. If your company is a new player in the game, that’s even more apparent, as influencers will help you quickly spread the word about your new venture.

Unlike some other industries, there are many influencers in the travel and tourism niche, who post adventures and experiences from their travels. These profiles can be easily fitted into your overall brand messaging and cross over well with your target audience. The potential is most easily identified and maximized if you also work hard on your end to make the campaign as successful as it can possibly be. 

Dorian Martin

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