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Design Tips And Strategies For Web Marketing

Regardless of the size and type of company, nowadays being online is a necessity for almost any business. Here are some tips for supporting web marketing design.

If you are reading this article, you may be involved in the digital business in some way. Spending most of our time in the digital world, web – designers, developers, marketers, business analysts, product managers – work, communicate, and shop online. 

We order food, choose travel destinations, and make an appointment with doctors. That’s why when we search for a brand name, we are embarrassed if we cannot find any mention of the brand on the Internet. How is it possible that a business has not established a minimum online presence?

Regardless of the size and type of company, being online is a must for almost any business these days. Otherwise, companies lose a lot of potential, ignoring the possibilities of web marketing.

What is web marketing?

Web marketing combines online marketing activities.

It includes:
Promotional mailing
Ad Display
Referral marketing
Affiliate marketing
Video marketing
Inbound marketing

Web marketing spreads your message to a huge online audience. Unlike offline marketing, it is more focused, more effective, and cheaper. Using web marketing tools, you can track actions at any stage of the marketing sequence and measure return on investment.

Why do web marketing and design go hand in hand?

Web marketing and design serve one purpose.

Typically, marketing and design teams work separately. Marketers prefer not to share information about their strategy, and designers prefer not to discuss intermediate results until the task is fully completed. Lack of cooperation leads to misunderstandings and additional work.

It happens that stylish and professional-looking landing pages get quality traffic, but they don’t convert because they were originally intended for the wrong target audience.

UI and UX

Regardless of whether you plan to develop a one-page website or a complex structured one with several sections, you should consider UI and UX design. A reliable and designed website requires a lot of work and investment. But, true, not every business needs this kind of website. 

If the specifics of your business excludes the possibility of converting potential customers using your website, do not go for sophisticated and complex solutions. Limit yourself to a nice one-page website.

Graphic arts

Graphic design elements can be created to provoke emotions and encourage action. This is the main reason you should consider graphic design as another way to convey your message. Take advantage of graphic design to enhance your brand’s online presence.


The branding concept is a way of conveying a corporate message using a logo, theme, and visual effect. Marketers set a company name apart from rivals, create trust, and increase brand recognition with a well thought out branding concept.

Think of brand identity design as the face of your company. If someone tells Nike, what is the first image that comes to your mind? Nike’s homepage or the latest model of their sneakers? That’s why you better get professional designers to create visual effects that perfectly reflect the nature of your company.

What questions should you answer before setting goals for designers?

You know that in business, communication is everything. The same goes for communicating with designers and design agencies. To effectively spend your budget, you must clearly understand your goals and expectations before signing a contract.

Here is a general list of questions you should answer.

What is your product/service?

Tell us about the nature of your company, its mission, and its values.

What is your goal?

Share the highlights of your business strategy. Briefly describe your short and long term goals. Discuss the reasons that prompted you to contact designers. Define the goals that you want to achieve through projects. 

You do not need to disclose all your strategic business goals; however, you must indicate some of them so that the final projects meet your expectations.

What are your target audience and target market?

Tell us a little about who your customers are: basic information, including age, location, gender, profession, etc. Client profiles help designers choose colors and shapes that work best with a particular target group.

Who are your competitors?

Make a list of your main competitors. This list will help designers distinguish your brand from similar businesses in the market.

What are your reasons?

You should talk not only about designs that you like but also about projects that you don’t like, be it your personal preferences or the perceptions of your target audience (for example, some characters that are considered appropriate in some countries may look rude or even offensive in others). This will greatly save your time and budget.

What are your budget and timeline?

Schedule and budget are still hot topics for some business people. However, these topics should be discussed at the very beginning. 

The final contract is influenced by many factors, and they can vary from agency to agency. That is why you should clarify how much money and how much time you plan to spend on this specific activity.

Who makes the decisions?

Describe the process of cooperation, list the interested parties, share their contact information, and determine the methods and tools of communication that are most convenient for you.

Design Tips and Design Strategies for Web Marketing – Summary

Being an important part of web marketing, the business-oriented design requires a thorough approach and must be done by professionals.

If you want to get the most out of your design, you must get the marketing and design teams to work together.
When you know your goals and communicate them correctly, you will almost certainly hit the target.

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