How to enhance your Hotel without telling lies ?

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How to enhance your Hotel without telling lies ?

How to enhance your hotel without telling lies? This time I have thought to write a post regarding the strategy to use not to damage your Reputation Online.
Since the most of us use usually Internet to look for infos, new hotels, plan a spectacular journey, a trip or a nice Dinner in a specific Restaurant and after having a good impression about a structure usually study all the details of that specific structure through Tripadvisor or other Reviewers, I would like to explain what I think we should consider everytime we want to advertise our product and/or service.

The First Rule we should follow and apply, is “Don’t try to create false expectations on the potential guests” because the only thing you really risk is to compromise your image and Reputation as well as to undermine your credibility !!Even if you are well aware that your structure has not perfect, has some or more dated rooms, maybe the location is not in the center of the city but a little bit out, it’s completely useful and pretty harmful to tell something not corresponding to the Truth….but then what doing ????

It’s a part of the strategy tell the Truth in a different way, which is try to highlight other aspects of the structure.

Just to list something –> you could point on the following elements

1. Staff Training, to guarantee as better as possible an impeccable and professional service with people able to communicate in more than one Language and always ready to give you the right answer at all of your questions !
2. a Very good Buffet Breakfast, american style, with fresh products, fruits, since we are in Italy with a delicious coffee, and all you couldn’t imagine to find at a property….just to surprise…
3. a good Service, focused attention to details.
If possible, don’t forget anything but on the contrary try to point on all the best which is “forget for a moment to be an Hotelier but think easier about the expectations of your guests !!”
4.  Specifity –> Be specific in everything you describe. The dimension of the rooms, the maximum number of guests, the services detailed, what includes your breakfast and all-inclusive, indicate distances by adding an interactive map, specify what is the view you can enjoy from the rooms
5. Location –> how important it is ??  The Location is, if not always, pretty often the reason that determines the preferences of the Traveller….If you are not in the Center then point to the Tourists who prefer to stay away from the traffic and chaos and have the chance to park their car in your parking, possibly available without any extra cost, and have some relax in your Roof garden or similar with the Bar service…some drinks and snacks accompanied by soft music :>
6. Things of your property you cannot change…Point on your Plus! Even if your property is not the Best comparable with your competitors, try to offer your guests a very relaxing stay with good service, professional staff, great breakfast with everything of the 1st class, some free bonus (which is –> special offers and reductions with the shops, Pubs and Restaurants close to you, to give your guests the impression to stay like at home).
7. Restaurant service –> if you think the costs for offering the half board are too expensive for your pocket, why don’t outsource your Restaurant ??
In this way you’d have 2 advantages : you’d give the service to your guests + a gain thanks to the outsourcing….
Or, as second alternative, you could rely on a catering service…

So, be honest and don’t hide the reality of things, not only you will avoid bad complaints but it will allow you to select a suitable customers to you and especially qualified who will choose you for what you are and not for what you’d like to be !!
Cheers !
Luisa Rellini
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