4 Stunning Mediterranean Sailing Spots to Visit this Summer

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4 Stunning Mediterranean Sailing Spots to Visit this Summer

Europe is on the verge of one of the most local-focused summers ever, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the global lockdowns preventing people from fulfilling their summer travel dreams. Some have introduced unique travel corridors to help improve tourism among neighboring countries, provided that they can bring proof of health and stay true to those social distancing rules and regulations. For some, that means they’ll get to explore their own local nature wonders, while for others, that means finding other means to travel that are both safe and welcome. 

Enter: yachting and sailing, as the most exclusive way to experience the Mediterranean coast and all of its hidden gems, especially now that the crowds are nowhere to be seen. This is a perfect opportunity for those who travel for work and make a living out of their adventures, since you can finally taste the most amazing looks of the Mediterranean without distractions. Here are a few breathtaking locations you should add to your 2020 itinerary if you’re prepared to leave the land!

The Italian Caribbean – the Maddalena archipelago 

You’ll hear people complaining about the typical Italian coastline, embellished with rocky slopes and rugged cliffs, but what few tourists get to experience is the crown jewel of the Mediterranean: the Maddalena archipelago. You’ll get to sail through seven main islands and many smaller ones stacked neatly close to one another, all with long sandy beaches and warm, translucent waters.

Most of the nature you come across is protected due to its immense value and uniqueness. In addition to the vistas you’ll fall madly in love with, divers among you will appreciate Spargiotello, Punta Coticcio, and Grottino di San Francesco for their shallow, peaceful waters, ideal for getting lost in the underwater tranquility. Then again, make sure to visit the Budelli pink beach, whose sparkling strawberry hue makes it one of nature’s masterpieces worthy of your bucket list. 

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Kornati National Park

The northern arm of the Mediterranean hides some of the world’s most extraordinary natural wonders, one of them being the famous Kornati National Park in Croatia, an archipelago of 89 islands just waiting for a versed explorer such as yourself. Considering the numerous possibilities available, most travelers turn to all inclusive yacht charters with various amenities to keep you comfortable, so that you can focus on visiting as many spots as possible. 

You’ll be dazzled by Dugi Otok’s dramatic cliffs on your way to Kornati islands, rich in byzantine ruins and hidden alcoves where you can spend some time enjoying the local seafood, or hunting for ancient artefacts. Finally, add the Kornati’s waterfalls to your must-see list, as one of the most bewildering views you’ll get to visit in your lifetime. The Dalmatian coast has plenty to offer, but this particular stretch of islands is a wonderful opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

The timeless waters of Sicily

Foodies among you will consider Sicily a real treat for all the senses, with the finest Italian cuisine having to offer mixed with impeccable coastlines and diverse inland landscapes. You can spend your time exploring the Sicilian coast on a crewed catamaran of your choice, and focus on island-hopping, tasting local specialties, and admiring the rich culture and architecture that this region promises. What’s most alluring about Sicily and its coast is its versatility.

You’ll get a glimpse of long, lazy beaches, but equally curious cliffs, juxtaposed against the backdrop of Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe. The marinas you come across will range from small-town charming spots to larger, more crowded options, but all of them have unforgettable vistas to offer, and you cannot go wrong when trying their local wines.

See the sun-drenched coast of Malta

Sandy beaches, almost year-round sunshine, and pristine cobalt waters make Malta a prime spot for expats as well as seasoned adventurists. Yes, the life inland is certainly worth exploring, but in case you’re not allowed to, you can at the very least enjoy the seemingly endless beauty of the coast. You’ll get a glimpse of coastal architecture reminiscent of the varied cultures on which Malta was built: from the immediate influence of Sicily, a touch of Arabic culture, all the way to the ancient Romans and their heritage.

Start with the charming bays of Valletta, move north to see Comino – you’ll notice that it is almost completely secluded and uninhabited, but you’ll be greeted with superb swimming nooks and sunny spots. It’s the ideal choice for a quick romantic escapade with your significant other, and for people looking to escape the crowds.

Yes, travel may be limited, and your summer plans might require some alterations, but it will all be worth your while when you craft an itinerary so turquoise, translucent, and sunny, that you’ll wish for another one just like it – sans the pandemic, of course. Make the most of your upcoming summer months by sailing through some of the Mediterranean’s most prized spots, and you’ll be inspired to come back sooner that you expect. 

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