How Long Should Your First Romantic Holiday Really Last?

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How Long Should Your First Romantic Holiday Really Last?

How long should be your first romantic holiday? Something that all of we have done but for some it may be the first time.

With that in mind UK travel experts Alpharooms surveyed British sweethearts to find out everything from couple’s top holiday stresses, intimacy insights and the best time to take the plunge and embark on your first romantic holiday.

58% of couple’s are stressed by holiday planning
With a couple’s first holiday having the ability to make or break a relationship, Alpharooms have uncovered the biggest vacation stresses for couples.

With 58% of respondents finding themselves most stressed by holiday planning (packing 21%, travelling 23% and organisation 14%), it’s clear that the pressure is on couples from the get-go. Alpharooms also uncovered that 17% of Brits stated that other people always being on their phones on vacation stressed them out, and 13% admitted that their partner was their biggest cause of annoyance on vacation.

Here are British couple’s top holiday stresses

Travelling – 23%
Packing – 21%
People being on their phones – 17%
Organisation – 14%
Partner – 13%
Activities and eating out – 7%
Friends and family – 5%

49% of couple’s choose quality time over intimacy on their first vacation

Rather surprisingly 49% of Brits surveyed admitted that they weren’t intimate on their first couple’s getaway, instead choosing to focus on improving their relationship. In fact, 56% of people who chose not have sex on their first vacation said that their trip away strengthened their relationship.

So when is the perfect time to travel for the first time together? Following are the results of this survey…

When to take your first couple’s holiday

Alpharooms’ research shows that 39% of Brits wait until they’ve been together a year or more to take their first getaway together, followed by 24% diving straight in within the first 3 months.

1 year or more – 39%
0-3 months – 24%
4-6 months – 20%
7-11 months – 17%

How long should your first holiday last?

35% of Brits opted for between 5-7 days for their first holiday with their partner. This gives both parties enough time to relax and open up to each other. Relationship experts Sarah Louise Ryan and Caroline Brealey agree.

Commenting on the research relationship expert Sarah Louise Ryan said : “You learn about each other’s flaws when away, and you can make a decision about whether you can accept them and if they, in turn, can accept your flaws. Getting away from it all has lots of plus points; understanding how you both deal with the essentials of organisation, finances, coordination, how you communicate along the way, understand different cultures and what you both like to learn about and are personally interested in.”

Caroline Brealey, founder of London dating agency, Mutual Attraction, also believes that a long vacation can prove worthwhile: “The key thing about a holiday is that you relax and your true personality comes out. You create memories together and strengthen the bond between you both. A holiday is a great way for you both to step away from the realities of real life and spend quality time together – away from alarms, work and family stress etc.”

We agree and you?

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