How to manage the CRM through the Social Media ?

If the Customer Relationship Management is defined as the widespread strategy with which you manage the relationship between the Company and people , customers and potential buyers, a strategy aimed at acquiring, loyalty, increase customer relations, then we should consider the Social Media among the new CRM-tools…or not ??CRM is a concept closely linked to strategy, communication, integration of business processes, people and culture that puts the customer at the center of attention either in the case of B2B or B2C.

I think that you can apply the definition also to Social Media as these, if used in accordance with the best practices tested are by their nature “Customer-Oriented“, put the community, fans, followers at the center of attention.

There is no doubt that the Companies can use Facebook or Twitter for informative and promotional purposes but have also to listen and interact with the users which are the 2 core activities of the Social Media Marketing.

Airlines and Hotels use Facebook and Twitter for customer service but also to manage reviews and or complaints… have a look at the profile of some companies like Easyjet, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic or Hotel Groups like Marriott just to have an idea about their activity…

But even indipendent Hotels of the italian realty can use and manage these Social Media Networks to solve problems or respond more quickly to requests from potential clients. They only have to be present and continuously manage its own page.

There is no better space of Social Media to be known by users, establish contact, get a positive impression with your current customers and make sure or hope that they become your intermediaries and speak positively about you and your Business creating a super Buzz that will improve your Brand and Web Reputation 🙂

But take care of your Social Channels and be careful and accurate in the activity of Social Media Marketing as much as you are in front of your Customers !! This is part of your good activity and customer service, Online and Offline !!
Everything you can offer, including space and consideration Online, can provide you interest and new potential customers !!

Luisa Rellini

My name is Luisa and I have opened this Blog to write about Hospitality, Travel and Tourism.
I work in the tourism-hotel sector since 2003, always in Front / Back office, and over time I have added new skills through training.
Since 2013 I offer sales and revenue consulting for the choice of distribution channels, correspondence, reservations, attention to pricing and historical data, but also customer service. The daily use of social networks is a Plus.

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