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How to behave during a job interview

I recently read an article really interesting and I‘ve thought : Have you ever really considered what you can and can not do during a job interview to be assessed positively?
Then read a little bit here and you’ll understand why sometimes your interviews were not perfect as you expected 🙂
” Tighten the interviewer’s hand, look at him in the eyes and sit firmly on a compound basis: even body language can earn points during an interview with a potential employer.  

Evidence intuitive but is now confirmed by a survey conducted by the recruitment firm Robert Half on a sample of about 100 italian personnel managers. More than 70% of those responsible has admitted, in fact, to be impressed by candidates who show that they are at ease and confident during an interview, while only 28% would not take this into account. But what particularly affects the interviewers? 94% welcomes candidates who maintain eye contact with the other party, because they show attention and concentration, while 80% of the respondent pay attention to your posture, especially when sitting on a compound basis and avoid moving continuously and sharply. “Having a comprehensive curriculum and qualified, sober clothing and be prepared may not be enough to get a job. Especially in the case of many applications. It should, therefore, know also show relaxed and at ease, “says Charles Caporale, associate director of Robert Half. Gesturing too, look down, touch your face or hair, or even sit in a disorderly way can indeed highlight anxiety and insecurity.”

What notice the interviewers?

If the applicant maintains eye contact: 94%
• The candidate‘s body language when he speaks: 94%
• The candidate‘s body language when he listens to: 91%
• How the candidate greets (handshake): 82%
The posture of the candidate: 80%
If the applicant waits being asked to sit down: 59%

(Source:  taken from a Robert Half’s survey of a sample of 100 Italian human resources managers + Jobintourism)
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