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How to behave during a job interview

I recentlyread an articlereallyinteresting and I‘ve thought : Have you ever reallyconsidered whatyou can and can notdo duringa job interviewtobe assessed positively?
Then reada little bit here and you’ll understand why sometimes your interviews were not perfect as you expected 🙂
” Tightentheinterviewer’shand, look at him in theeyesand sitfirmlyon a compound basis: even body languagecan earnpoints duringan interview with apotential employer.  

Evidenceintuitivebutis nowconfirmed bya survey conducted bythe recruitment firmRobert Halfon a sample ofabout 100italian personnel managers.More than 70% of those responsible has admitted, in fact, to beimpressedby candidates whoshow that they areat easeand confidentduringan interview,whileonly 28%would not takethis into account. But whatparticularly affects the interviewers? 94%welcomescandidateswho maintaineye contactwith the other party, because they showattention and concentration,while 80%of the respondentpay attentionto your posture, especially whensittingon a compound basisand avoidmovingcontinuously andsharply.“Havinga comprehensive curriculum andqualified, soberclothingand be preparedmay notbe enough to geta job. Especially inthe case ofmanyapplications.It should, therefore,knowalso showrelaxedand at ease, “says CharlesCaporale,associate directorofRobert Half. Gesturing too, look down,touchyour faceor hair,or evensitin a disorderly waycan indeedhighlightanxiety and insecurity.”

Whatnotice the interviewers?

If the applicantmaintainseye contact: 94%
• Thecandidate‘s body language when he speaks: 94%
• Thecandidate‘s body language when he listens to: 91%
• Howthe candidategreets(handshake): 82%
The posture of thecandidate: 80%
If the applicantwaitsbeing askedto sit down: 59%

(Source:  taken froma Robert Half’ssurveyofa sample of 100 Italian human resourcesmanagers + Jobintourism)
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