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Hotelier’s Life : Mandatory Requirements For The Classification Of Hotels

This time I have thought to give some information regarding the requirements of Hotels expecially of 3*, 4* e 5*…This because, since I work in the Hospitality Industry I have developed in course of time the curiosity of many things inside the Structure.

Did you ever think how to decide the Level of Classification ?? I guess that it would be pretty simple to decide to start-up a new structure giving the services usually expected but with the chance to spend for the obligatory taxes as less as possible because the situation and bureaucracy are often something particularly annoying.

Depending on the Level of Classification you want to let assign to your Hotel, here is a List with many of the elements you need and should offer…Pay Attention and please let me know if I forgot something :>

1. Front Office Dept :  service has to be available for at least 16 hrs up to 24 hrs at the superior Categories…

2. Continental or American Breakfast service –> from 3* has to be guaranteed at a Restaurant room or similar… (Room service usually provided only at the Superior Categories)

3. Bar Service –> usually provided only in the Superior Categories available from 12 up to 16 hours a day…

4. Uniform for the Staff –> usually provided in the Superior Categories (in the 3* Hotels, furnished only for the FO Dept)

5. Foreign Languages to be spoken very good or better fluently–> usually 3 up to 4 (from 3* on)

6. Change of Towels –> it should be daily from 3* Hotels on…

7. Laundry Service –> it should be guaranteed by 24 hours…

8. Parking Space–> to be guaranteed for at the least the 50% of the available rooms, free of charge or sometimes as extra counted…(from 3* Hotels)

9.  Heating / Air Conditioning System –> the first one has to be available everywhere in the structure, the second one from the 3* on…

10. Elevators and Service Elevators –> the first one should be from the 2* on, the second one from the 4* on…

11. TV-room and Internet Point and Wi-Fi service –> the first one should be available at every Hotel category, the second one from the 4* Hotels on…(free of charge or as extra counted).

12. Telephone service –> available at every Category

13. Reception Space –> it should be around 25 mq

14. Bar/ Restaurant room –> available from 4* on

15. Characteristic of the Rooms –> with the bathroom inside (with bathtub/shower) from the 2* on, Indipendent Heating/ Air Conditiong System (by 100% in the Superior Categories),  information regarding the Hotel amenities with paper and pen, some Hotel gadgets, bath set, satellite TV-color, Mini Bar (from 3* on), Safe, Telephone with direct-line, Towels, Hairdryer, room soundproofing, Personal call, size around 20 mq

Obviously that at the Hotels, all the furnishing materials have to be fireproof as well as the curtains and so on with certification of regularity

Now the question is : do you really think that these rules are always and everywhere respected ?
Really ? Sometimes, it is pretty strange but you can find different situations depending on the location of the structure and so on.
In the locals where are served hot or fresh dishes, it should be the annual control from the personnel of local health care.
In all the commun areas it should be guaranteed the control of emergency exits and fire extinguishers in accordance with the local laws…
It should be provided the periodical control of the elevator used daily by the Guests and Staff too…

I would be pretty curious to read somewhere else how it works and if it exists a national regulamentation regarding this so interesting item, the Hospitality Industry!
Thank you for the attention. Cheers !!
See you the next time with new items 🙂

Luisa Rellini
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