My point of view on Hospitality, Travel and Tourism – Tourism consulting and online booking
My point of view on Hospitality, Travel and Tourism – Tourism consulting and online booking

Hotelier’s Life : From the Goppar Model to the WWW

All the arguments I will consider in this second section are based on my personal experience, since I work in the Hospitality Industry since a long time and in course of the years I have learned so much to have now the wish to express my personal impressions to the others.

In the previous section I have written about the balance to keep between quality/ price, and the quality of service we should be able always to offer.
But the question is : to do all this, even if you are not a recognised Revenue Manager, you have anyway to base all of your work and your tarif list on the historical data.

  • Ideal would be to have an efficient and effective hotel-program to calculate and examine the bookings you had in the past 2 years  and the kind of reservations you received.
  • You should be able to know in advance the kind of Target you usually have, if Leisure or Business, to establish your special strategy.
  • Other important Tool is, in my opinion, to prepare and consider your CRM – Customer Relationship Management : there are some good products in the market you could consider. At the end or beginning of the stay of your guests you could ask them to fill in a “Satisfaction Form” to know how to change or improve your arrangements. This form is to be prepared in various Languages, after Italian, in English, German, French, Spanish.

You could specify, at the end of the form, to write if satisfied of the stay the own email address to be reached for new and future marketing campaignes with special offers and reductions…but many Marketers are sure about the poor result you can get from this action!
This could be a way to promote and develop your Customer Loyalty.

Sometimes it happens to receive in your own E-Post emails not requested from Hotels offering you special packets and offers…don’t you consider this simply a Spam ??
How often do you take it into consideration ?? Probably never, you probably think how annoying that email is…or ??

Another item –> Statistic shows how important is to keep a good value on the Social Networks.
In the past probably it was not so important to mantain its own Web Reputation but nowadays since the most of the people and potential customers use Internet to organise its own holidays, from the flight to the hotel and restaurants, I think this could be one of the primary things to respect and enhance.
I am for example one the persons that usually search all the information useful online, I don’t consider anymore the magazine or not as in the past.

Since it is demonstrated that there are in particular some Social platforms used more than others, you could begin from them –> create a publishing page on f.i. Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Twitter. Be as more present as possible with articles, offers, pictures of your structure, videos and so on, try to reach at first the clients your had in your structure : they already know how your Business is and will for sure appreciate to be contacted by you.
Do not forget to specify everywhere the link to your structure and to enclose a Forum for the guests willing to leave a comment about you…

One of the most rules is for me : important is that the people talk talk and talk …it’s strange how the mind is…you remember more about something you heard often instead of something simply super but maybe not equally mentioned….
Respect the Rate Parity between your booking engine and the OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) where you are subscribed but you can promote your activity also by yourself directly…

Cheers !

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