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Hotel Guest Satisfaction : Industry insights and Key takeaways

When it comes to hotel guest satisfaction, loyalty programs are coming out on top with those signed up to a hotel loyalty program more satisfied than those who are not. Interestingly, two out of three Baby Boomers are signed up to a loyalty program, compared to one in two Millennials indicating that hotels need to attract more Millennials into signing up for their loyalty programs to keep satisfaction rates high.

When it comes to hotel offerings, three items rank higher than others with hotel guests. The top three amenities that guests want are free Wi-Fi, a free breakfast and free parking.

Hotels that can offer all three amenities free-of-charge as part of the overall guest experience will have a hugely competitive advantage, however these may not be realistic for many hotels’ bottom line. As free Wi-Fi is the top amenity that guests want, with almost three in four guests receiving it, this would be the best place to start for hotels who do not currently offer any of these options with the charges waved.

For a more detailed look into the world of hotel guest satisfaction, view the below infographic which has been produced by The Europe Hotel & Resort.


Company Introduction

The Europe Hotel & Resort is a five star award-winning hotel located just outside Killarney, Co. Kerry in the south west of Ireland. It is set overlooking the world famous Lakes of Killarney and is surrounded by breath-taking scenery. The hotel is home to a luxury spa, multiple restaurants and bars, beautiful grounds and offers a wide range of leisure activities.

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