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Customer loyalty and Disintermediation

Recent studieson the effectiveness ofmarketingstrategies, have shown thatin addition to increasingLOYALTYby at least 30% of itsturnover“repeat customers”, carries twice as many newcustomers as comparedto traditionalforms of advertising.

The advantageis therefore not onlythe acquisition of newcustomers, but alsobe able tocreate along-term relationshipwith those customerswho haveconfidencein Activityormarkandrepresenting 80% of turnover.

The only tool thatcan allow Hotelsto counterthe impact ofthe OTA’s, online travel agencies, whichtendtoretaintothemselves theclientsmaximizing themobility and offering special offers, is to maximizetheloyaltyof their customers.
The Hotels should increasetheir competitivenessand independence thanks tosophisticated skillson the side ofmanagement, butalso in termsof web marketing.
Rather thandelegatethe external roleof theweb marketing, they shouldinstead use thistoolas a strategy togain greater visibility, publicity and success.

Theyshould startto act independentlyin the internet worldin order to recoverthe direct relationshipwith its customersby counteractingthe tendency ofOTA’sto present themselvesto the worldof tourism as realreliable brands.

Customersuse the internetto find themost interesting hotel, often throughtheOTA’swhich are great filter, but then go to checkthe hotel-websitealso to checkthe pathto get there.

From hereyou can see howthe site of theHotel is importantto attractthe curiosity ofpotentialcustomers who are seekingnot onlythe page onhow to reach thehotel but alsothe technical characteristics, the services offered, the photo gallery to seehow nice and big the structureis,the opinions of othervisitors through theattached guestbook, tourist information on thelocationwherethe hotel is located, as well as the graphics used, the page with thecurrent promotions….
What else ??
Do you know how important the Social Media are become ??
Do you think that the Mailing List are still succesfull ?? And the newsletters with all the news ??
Nowadays the Hotels have so many tools and technics to realize and offer a good product and all the services the customers, repeat and new, expect that they only should make their job as more competent as they can.
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