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Customer loyalty and Disintermediation

Recent studies on the effectiveness of marketing strategies, have shown that in addition to increasing LOYALTY by at least 30% of its turnover “repeat customers”, carries twice as many new customers as compared to traditional forms of advertising.

The advantage is therefore not only the acquisition of new customers, but also be able to create a long-term relationship with those customers who have confidence in Activity or mark and representing 80% of turnover.

The only tool that can allow Hotels to counter the impact of the OTA’s, online travel agencies, which tend to retain to themselves the clients maximizing the mobility and offering special offers, is to maximize the loyalty of their customers.
The Hotels should increase their competitiveness and independence thanks to sophisticated skills on the side of management, but also in terms of web marketing.
Rather than delegate the external role of the web marketing, they should instead use this tool as a strategy to gain greater visibility, publicity and success.

They should start to act independently in the internet world in order to recover the direct relationship with its customers by counteracting the tendency of OTA’s to present themselves to the world of tourism as real reliable brands.

Customers use the internet to find the most interesting hotel, often through the OTA’s which are great filter, but then go to check the hotel-website also to check the path to get there.

From here you can see how the site of the Hotel is important to attract the curiosity of potential customers who are seeking not only the page on how to reach the hotel but also the technical characteristics, the services offered, the photo gallery to see how nice and big the structure is, the opinions of other visitors through the attached guestbook, tourist information on the location where the hotel is located, as well as the graphics used, the page with the current promotions….
What else ??
Do you know how important the Social Media are become ?? 
Do you think that the Mailing List are still succesfull ?? And the newsletters with all the news ??
Nowadays the Hotels have so many tools and technics to realize and offer a good product and all the services the customers, repeat and new, expect that they only should make their job as more competent as they can.
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