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4 Effective Marketing Tips to Improve your Online Sales

In 2020, global ecommerce sales amounted to $4.28 trillion. By 2022, online retail revenues are projected to grow to $5.4 trillion.

The ecommerce landscape is now more competitive than ever. As more companies are shifting to online retail, increasing sales has become a challenge for ecommerce brands.

In this article, we cover a few effective marketing techniques for boosting online sales.

  1. Offer Frictionless Checkout Experiences

According to statistics, ecommerce companies lose $18 billion in sales revenue yearly because of shopping cart abandonment. 

To reduce shopping cart abandonment and inspire customers to finalize the purchase, you need to optimize the checkout process.

Studies say that 34% of consumers abandon purchases when a website does not offer guest checkout options. Moreover, 26% of customers abandon carts if the checkout process is too complicated. Therefore, simplify your checkout forms and allow them to shop as guests. 

Next, offer multiple payment options to appeal to customers’ different requirements. That is how you increase the shopping convenience for your customers and inspire them to complete the purchase.

Finally, offer real-time assistance via live chat, chatbots, FAQ forms, etc.

  1. Get Listed on Relevant Business Directories

Local SEO tactics are still essential for small businesses and franchise companies. 

For starters, you should claim and optimize your Google My Business listing. It increases your company’s exposure in local searches. Moreover, GMB is perfect for collecting customer reviews and gathering feedback.

You should also register on relevant business directories that give your business credibility. Some of them are BBB, Angie’s List, Glassdoor, and Yelp. You should also seek industry-specific directories. For example, if you are a franchise business owner, you will seek entrepreneurs looking for franchises to buy.

  1. Run Paid Ads

We know how valuable SEO is to online retailers. By optimizing your website for search engines, you can appear higher on Google, attract new customers, and maximize brand awareness. 

However, SEO takes weeks and even months before it starts generating ROI. To increase your online exposure faster, combine your SEO campaigns with paid ads. When approved, PPC campaigns will immediately show up on search engines and start attracting traffic. 

Another benefit of PPC ads is that they are highly targeted. Whether you use Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you can narrow your audiences by their location, age, gender, past purchases, income, content preferences, etc. That way, you will attract qualified leads and stop wasting money on irrelevant clicks.

Finally, assess the effectiveness of your ads. For starters, perform A/B tests to determine what is working for your customers. A/B testing lets you create more relevant ads that convert.

  1. Leverage Social Proof Marketing

In today’s hyperconnected digital ecosystem, consumers rely on social proof. When they need to decide between a few similar brands, they often seek other people’s recommendations. According to statistics, nine out of ten customers read reviews before making a shopping decision. 

That is why online retailers need to focus more on social proof marketing. Social proof is based on normative social influence. In other words, consumers want to be similar to the society or the influencers they appreciate. That is why they conform to the opinion of other consumers, online communities, or authoritative social celebrities.

Now, there are many forms of social proof.

The simplest are customer reviews and ratings. They play an immense role in almost every industry, including hoteliers. You can encourage customers to review your company on your website, business directories, Google My Business, social networks, etc.

Customer testimonials on your website give your brand greater credibility. You can put them on your homepage, product pages, or checkout pages to build trust with customers. Always include customers’ names, photos, and locations. Consider creating testimonial videos since they are more trustworthy and engaging.

User-generated content is popular in the era of social networks. The idea behind it is simple – you let customers create content for you. Those could be their photos or videos of your products. To encourage customers to create and share UGC, consider hosting photo contests on Instagram. Create on-brand hashtags for customers to use so they can spread the word about your brand.

Over to You

These are just some of the numerous marketing tactics that can help you maximize sales. By implementing them, you do not focus on mere brand promotion. Instead, you will boost brand awareness and build trust with your target audience. Most importantly, you will nurture meaningful relationships with consumers and inspire brand loyalty.

I hope these insights will help you! 

Eve Anderson

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