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Working and Traveling : Things you should know

Working & Traveling: Things You Should Know About the Aviation Sector

The aviation sector is one of the biggest and most important sectors both to the entirety of the world economic situation and to millions of lives that are impacted everyday by the changes in air traffic and the alteration to flights. Traveling via plane has never been easier, and to understand what goes on behind the scenes, what the climate is like in the industry, what are the challenges and issues affecting this global industry we interviewed a manager with over 10 years of experience in an international recruitment agency that operates in the aviation and aerospace sector.

Here are 5 of the most important and lesser-known things we could take away from our interview:

Traveling has never been so easy!

As mentioned, traveling nowadays is super easy. There are more airplanes flying today than ever! Commuting via plane is an increasingly popular way to get to work, albeit sometimes stressful.

During the interview we conducted we touched on the subject of how easy it is to move around by plane by citing the example of a new German company that is developing an on-demand air taxi service powered by an electric, vertical take-off and landing jet. This has the potential to revolutionise air travel.
The future is very much exciting for travel lovers and busy, no-nonsense workaholics.

In Europe, the industry is growing.

That is true. Traveling everywhere is being made easier by the innovation and growth the European landscape offers.

For instance, aviation is very much on the rise in perhaps the most central country in the European territory, although not one of the member states of the EU, Switzerland. As it’s well-known to all frequent travellers, especially those who travel to and outside the EU, most flights stop in Switzerland, and that’s because of its position which is undoubtedly a contributing factor in why the Swiss are leading innovation in the industry.

Switzerland is also host to many different kinds of industries and entities, from Employment Service Providers to aircraft financers, that are mostly attracted to settle in the Swiss territory because of tax reasons and economic benefits.


Brexit is a major concern for travellers and employees alike

We’ve all heard the news and watched as the UK left the EU at the start of February 2020. Now that all the concerns about a “British exit” have become a reality, it’s difficult for travellers to and from the UK to feel relaxed. Our source spoke about the issue of Brexit as the top reason for a candidate to work in the aviation or aerospace sector to drop out altogether.

People are scrambling to reassure potential workers in the field – as highly- skilled people shortage is a major issue in the industry – but the reality is that they can’t be positive that Brexit won’t affect their ability to work in the UK.

Travellers in this increasingly globalised world where everything seems so close and distances are becoming less insurmountable could be stopped in their tracks by political decisions.

Take time to read the full interview with a manager of an aviation recruitment agency here

Nicola Clothier is CEO of Accurity GmbH, a Swiss-based employment service provider. Nicola has an Honours degree in English Literature from Stirling University and more than 20 years’ experience in Swiss employment, and personnel leasing up to executive level throughout Europe.

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