What’s the favorite way to book an Hotel ?

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What’s the favorite way to book an Hotel ?

What is your favorite way to book an hotel? If thetraditional tourismseems to bein recession, hotelreservationsonline continue growing…
Accordingto data published byHrs.com, hotel reservationportal, companies prefer tobook hotelsfor awaytheir managersdirectlyonline. In the first fivemonths of the yeargrew by20%ofthe reservationscompanies. Thisdespite thepresencein thehotelaccording to data releasedby FederalberghirecordedinItaly, a declineof 4.7%. In the same period, bookings on ourwebsite areup 12percent– saidElizabethGiulietti, commercial directorHrs.comItalyA figure thatshows achange in the habitsof Italianstowardsformulasfasterand,above all,cheaper.More Italiansput upby the sharpdrop in consumptionimposedby the crisisrely ononline bookingfor accessing aricherrangeof offerings. Flexiblemodeof reservation, without intermediaries, in fact, ensurerapidand cost savingsthan with themore traditional. “(Source : McOnline)

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