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Useful Tips on How to Make Your Hotel More Eco-Friendly

Running a hotel comes with a load of responsibilities. When you add the concern for the environment to all of them, the job can become even more stressful. However, you can easily lower your stress levels and help the planet become a much healthier and cleaner place to live. One of the ways to do it is to introduce green measures into your hotel. Going green should be everyone’s imperative these days, and you can be the first one to set an example by making your hotel eco-friendly. How? With only a few suggestions listed below, you can start your hotel’s eco-friendly journey today.

Go green with the menu

Did you know that everyone will enjoy local organic food much more than processed food that hotels tend to make in bulk? Not only will you get a better rating by offering your guests local food, but you’ll also lower the carbon footprint. A pollution-free menu will be one of the unique amenities you offer, and it will put you on the list of favourite hotels soon enough. Also, cut back on food waste by eliminating the buffet from the offer and only providing individual meals per person.

Limit the use of plastic

From shampoo bottles to soap bar wrapping and coffee sachets, plastic is all around us. However, you can do plenty to cut back on the use of plastic in your hotel. How about you offer refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles instead of new plastic bottles every time? Swap plasticware, paper, or styrofoam with reusable glasses and coffee mugs in each room. Biodegradable packaging and organic soaps will look much better in your hotel and have a smaller impact on the environment. Forget about plastic key cards and go for alternative locking systems such as keyless entry, smart locks, access codes or remote check-in/check-out.

Switch to solar-powered systems

Installing solar panels is another way to make the hotel greener. That is especially convenient for hotels located on a sunny side of the country, such as Sydney. Use the chance to generate free electricity for your hotel by harnessing the power of the sun. Go a step further and install a solar water heater into your hotel for even more benefits. Even if this sounds unfamiliar at first, trust us, it’s the best solution for a green hotel. If you’re worried whether the system may be unreliable and malfunction at some point, don’t be. It’s become very popular in hotels all over Australia, and there are teams of people who perform quick and reliable hot water repairs Central Coast wide all year long.

Go for energy-efficient lighting

Lighting is a big part of every hotel, so it requires upgrading to a more sustainable level too. Energy-efficient LED lighting all over the hotel should be on the list of upgrades. On top of that, installing controls that will turn all the lighting in the room off once the guest leaves the room is another smart way to save energy. Motion sensors that control lighting will be another green upgrade your hotel would benefit from. Dimmers and timers can also contribute to less energy usage and make the hotel greener.

Start recycling

Recycling is one of the cornerstones of a clean environment, so you’ll need to make it a crucial part of your hotel. Start recycling the waste that you use and implement a recycling bin into your waste facilities. You can make a big difference just by recycling food and drink cans, cardboard, jars, glass and electronics. All it takes is for you to start a recycling scheme by introducing recycling labels around the hotel. Make sure you train your employees and make recycling a standard procedure. We’re seeing an increase in environmentally friendly travellers, and you’ll want them to stay at your hotel and give you the highest reviews.

If you’ve realised it’s time to make your hotel eco-friendlier, we know where to start from. Check out the suggestions we’ve listed and begin implementing the changes as soon as possible. While the process will require some time, investment and effort, you will benefit a lot once your hotel is eco-friendly. Not only will you attract new guests but also make the hotel less a hazard for the planet.

Diana Smith

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