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Traveling means you have to sleep too

Traveling means… Until they create the drug that makes sleep obsolete, we all have to deal with the nightly 4-8hrs of shuteye. That may seem easier at home, well hopefully, but when you’re traveling, where you snooze can turn into a maddening experience!

Let’s start simple and then get super complicated shall we 😉

With whom are you traveling?

If it’s just you or you and a buddy (no parents, small kids or anything of the like) you’re options and honestly what you’re willing to put up with greatly expands!

On the other hand, if it’s a family vacation, sleeping on the ground with no tent or running water may not cut it.

It all comes down to what you need in the accommodations and of course what your budget is. This also may change the type of vacation that you are able to take at any given time.

Guys vs Gals

Ok, this isn’t totally a fair one especially these days, but let’s just go by the numbers and percentages. Women tend to not put up with crap and will find a better solution including accommodations than men will. When I was backpacking through eastern Africa and food was not as readily available, us guys just made due with what we had, but not the ladies, they had to find a proper meal. Same goes for accommodations, we slept on the ground and the ladies found a motel. 42 mosquito bites later, we may have made the wrong call on that one lol.


Well we can’t ignore this one. When it comes to traveling, lodging can go literally from $0 at a campsite up to $150,000/Night at the Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine, St. Lucia. I’ve been told that this is worth it (yeah go ahead and try it and let me know please – yeesh).

Ok now we got those out of the way – let’s talk about the options out there pros and cons.

  • Camp groups

Pros: Free, Get back to nature

Cons: No protection from the elements, insects, or predators.

  • Motel

Pros: Protection from elements, bed, mostly inexpensive.

Cons: Very few amenities, low facility quality, outdoor venue until actual door.

  • Hotel

Pros: Excellent accommodations, air control, meals included

Cons: Price, space, together with many guests

  • Villa

Pros: Space, open area, privacy

Cons: Price, cook own meals

Hotel Sidebar

OK, pun intended. Campgrounds are basically one size fits all (some have electricity some don’t, but if you’re going camping, enjoy the bed bugs)

Hotels range in price and accommodations from amenities, service, to meals, but we’ve taken a middle of the road perspective of standard hotels. You can nickle and dime those too finding hotels as low as $15/night.

We do warn buyers beware, you gotta ask yourself if $15 a night is going to get you the location you want or the services. Ask yourself, why isn’t it more expensive? Before the days of the internet, it was technically possible for some hotels or any business for that matter to not have proper access to the market prices, now there’s not excuse.

Does $15 meet your non-budget requirements?

Does $150,000 match your non-budget requirements?

Do your homework!

Pick what’s important to you!

These are all pretty general, ultimately you have to pick what’s good for you, matches the place you want to visit, your sense of adventure, and frankly, what are you willing to put up with.

Let’s say you have 5 days off of work and $2,000 to spend.

Would you prefer to spend 5 days in Vegas at a terrible 1 star hotel or go rural and stay at an amazing location.

It’s the same 5 days

I’d love to hear about your vacation! Leave a comment below!

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