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Travel Tips: How to Look Stylish on the Road

Did you finally get a green light to travel? After more than a year of sitting at home and keeping safe, you can go out there and explore the world. And you want this trip to be truly special, right? Well, pack well so you can make a little photoshoot in every destination you visit and come back home with internet-breaking photos. How do you dress stylishly on the road though? Here are a few tips for a fashionable yet comfortable trip:

Know your personal style

Before you start packing, it’s important to only opt for pieces that you know you will wear and not leave them at the bottom of the suitcase. If you’re excited about your trip, it might be tempting to throw in a few pieces that you’re sure your traveler persona can pull off, but the chances are if you don’t wear it at home, you won’t wear it abroad. Once you know what you wear, like and look good in, packing and getting dressed is a breeze.

Pick the right fabric

No matter how expensive your outfits are, if they get hellishly wrinkled, you will look cheap and sloppy. So choose breathable fabrics with loose knits for ultimate comfort and cleanliness. Knits are great for traveling and they don’t wrinkle at all. Spandex fabrics and synthetic fabrics also won’t wrinkle and keep their shape for longer. On the other hand, unless you’re ready to pack a portable steam iron and use it all the time, leave your linen pants and rayon shirts at home.

Layer it up

Layers are a must when traveling—they allow you to regulate temperature and elevate your outfit depending on the situation. If you get chilly, a light jacket will add interest to your outfit and provide extra warmth. If you’re worried about the space your layers will take up, bring a jacket on the plane and free up space in your luggage.

Spice it up with your shoes

Many people struggle with footwear when traveling, and for all understandable reasons. They are bulky to pack, some are not made for walking and others are too casual for nights out. So what do you pack on your trip? Your best option is to bring two pairs: casual flats and elegant heels. Your flats will serve you during the day and your heels will take over in the evening and elevate your every outfit. If you’re traveling to a great shopping destination like Sydney or Melbourne, you can buy your heels there. It’s easy to find women’s heels (in shops or online) so you can not only enjoy them during your stay but also have a nice souvenir when you come back home. Neural heels will match both your skirts and your jeans and make you look put together with minimal effort.

Pack your fave outfit

To gain some confidence when traveling, pack your absolute favorite outfit. This combo is probably also comfortable and practical, so it’s perfect for travel. Think something in the lines of a maxi dress and a cute jacket—it looks chic and is easy to move around in. Or mix leggings, a longer top and a fun scarf.

Dress up with accessories

To really show your fashion-forward nature, pack a few accessories to spice up your outfits. For instance, a printed scarf will make you look bold while a fun handbag will add some chic flavor to your look. If you lack space in the suitcase, pack a few necklaces for layering or opt for a stack of bangles. A fun headband and glasses don’t take up space as well, yet add a lot of pizzazz to your looks.
With these tips above, you will look amazing when traveling and be comfortable enough for exploring and hitting all the main attractions. And Instagram will love you!

Diana Smith

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