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Master the Art of Packing Light With These 7 Tips

Are you a frequent traveler who still can’t pack properly? Or are you preparing for your first independent trip so you need some easy packing tips? No matter who you are, if you want to travel without stress, you need to pack smart and light. Here are some fool-proof tips that will help you master the art of packing light:

Start with the right bag

Opt for a smaller bag, because no matter how big your bag is, you will always find a way to fill it. With a smaller bag, you will have fewer chances to pack heavy. If you want a carry-on roller suitcase, a 22-inch model is a good companion. If you’re more of a backpack person, a 20 or 22-L bag will be enough for a one-week trip. If your backpack has a variety of pockets and compartments, you will get to access all of your things without having to unpack the entire backpack.

Choose the right clothing

When packing the wardrobe for your upcoming trip, focus on light materials. While wool and fleece will keep you warm no matter the weather, they will also take up half of your suitcase or backpack. On the other hand, lightweight fabrics like silk, nylon and polyester will take up minimal space in your bag. If you need warmth, opt for cotton blends that are still light yet provide greater warming abilities. Your best choice is performance clothing pieces which are specifically made to be lightweight yet warm, plus they dry fast.

Consider doing laundry

For trips longer than a week, you will need to do laundry on the go, so pack some detergent and a portable clothesline. To keep your things fresh, add a dryer sheet to your backpack or packing cube. Worried about wrinkles caused by your tiny bag? Find some space for a wrinkle releaser and you’ll eliminate wrinkles without ironing.

Go easy on footwear

Packing shoes is the hardest task for travelers who likes to travel light since most of them are bulky. Lightweight shoes like sandals and ballet flats are not suitable for long hikes or any formal events. If you need to pack a heavy pair of shoes, wear them while in transit and fill your bag with lighter pairs. Unless you’re traveling for business, it’s best to leave formal shoes at home and pack multi-use footwear. 

Don’t go easy on safety

If you want to have a comfortable trip, you can’t just focus on traveling light—you also have to stay safe with a few gadgets. No matter where you’re going, pickpockets will certainly see you as a target, so outsmart them with a practical anti-theft money belt that hides your valuables under your clothing. If you also grab a minimalist card holder wallet that’s super thin yet practical, you will have all your necessities in one safe place. Depending on where you’re going, you might even consider bringing pepper spray to ward off predators (both animal and human kind) but check whether this self-defense tool is legal at your destination.

Minimize hygiene products

You need to keep up with your hygiene routine while on the go, but you can easily simplify it by grabbing only the necessities and rely on your hotel to provide you with the rest. If you can find these products, solid shampoos and bars of soap are lighter than liquid products and you can further lighten your load by cutting bars in half and placing liquids in smaller containers. You can find travel-friendly liquid containers in all big box stores, travel stores and Amazon for only a few dollars.

Stay connected

You need to stay connected when on the road, so you need to pack some electronic devices. A modern tablet can weigh as little as a paperback guide book yet you can fit a variety of content on it and be supplied with music, books, movies and travel apps or even do some business through it. Just make sure to pack appropriate chargers (check the socket type present in your destination country) and consider investing in a power bank so you can always keep your phone and tablet charged.

With these packing tips, you can forget all about the struggle of lugging heavy suitcases and the back pain of heavy backpacks. If you travel light once, you will never go back to your old ways, so give it a try and change your travel habits forever.

Diana Smith

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