Top 5 Coolest & Funkiest Offices in Europe

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Top 5 Coolest & Funkiest Offices in Europe

A brief description of the coolest and funkiest offices in Europe…

SelgasCano, Madrid, Spain

This architecture firm designed their own headquarters and decided that a forest-based office would have been the best choice. In terms of uniqueness, it definitely is!
In terms of sharing your lunch break with a not-so-friendly fox (or worse) then I’m not too sure!

AirBnB, Dublin, Ireland

Aside from the incredible aesthetics, which are simply irresistible for anyone with a healthy addiction to interior designing, this office epitomizes cool as the employees usually have meetings on a huge staircase in the middle of the common area, something that just gives you that throwback high school feeling you can’t get enough of!

Lego, Billund, Denmark

Working at Lego is undoubtedly a blast, but notwithstanding the constant fun of building structures made of Lego bricks, these Danish headquarters will be ampliated by the addition of a beautiful park in 2020. The only minor problem with these wonderful headquarters is the “keep your shoes on” policy implemented after an employee sued the company for repeatedly stepping on Lego bricks scattered around the lobby*.

*Just joking, no such thing has ever happened, duh.

Google, Zurich, Switzerland

Google is arguably the only company that manages to be both nerdy and cool at the same time. Some of the perks of working at Google (besides working at freaking Google!) are: hanging out in the “jungle lounge”, refrigerators always full, and free massages. Also, one important and noticeable perk of living in Switzerland is lower tax rates! That’s just too much!

Beats by Dre, Culver City, California, United States

That’s right! Beats by Dre offices are just everything you think they would be. Aside from studies showing that music is important in the workplace, the design of the office is dreamy and the hub area creates a luxurious lounge that is so much “in tune” (get it? In tune because of music…) with the modernity that the company founded by the legendary NWA rapper & producer is trying to convey.
I bet employees are “bobbing” their head to great music all day long in these fantastic headquarters!

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