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Top 5 Best Destinations To Go On Holiday With Your Dog

When you have an animal, it’s hard to get rid of him during the holidays. If some masters prefer to keep it, others, on the contrary, will not hesitate to take it with them on a trip. But you still have to know where to go! Here are 5 ideal destinations to go on vacation with your dog.

If you are among those who prefer to go on holiday with their pet, Wamiz has concocted a selection of destinations to go on vacation with his dog!  SmartDogLover have selected for you areas relatively close to France to avoid your pet transport time too long. For simplicity, all the selected places have little administrative formalities and do not require any quarantine period.

1. Going on vacation with your dog in Corsica

Want sun and scenery? Corsica is the ideal destination for masters and dogs. It allows you to laze on a lounger at the edge of the sea ( see the beaches allowed to dogs in Corsica and elsewhere in France ) and enjoy a breathtaking landscape conducive to hiking. It is also the ideal place to practice cani-walking .

To go to Corsica, you can take the plane but also the ferry on which your dog will be accepted (see modalities according to the companies) and it will even be able to share your cabin!

2. Greece

If you want to go abroad and enjoy the Mediterranean air with your doggie, Greece is a good option. Why? Because in Greece, dogs are allowed everywhere outside, including on the beach, as long as they are on a leash, and under the supervision of their owner who will be able to present his passport in case of control. In indoor places (hotels, restaurants..), dogs are not necessarily allowed, so it is imperative to inquire beforehand.

Good to know : in Greece, there may be stray dogs near your resort. Some wandering females may be in heat , and if you have a male, the situation can be difficult to manage.

3. Spain: Barcelona and the Costa Brava

Long criticized for banning dogs on all its beaches throughout the summer, Barcelona has changed: now,  the Llevant beach has a space of 1200 m2 fenced for dogs . The other beaches are in contrast to our canine friends prohibited between the 1 st April and 30 October (they have access to the rest of the year) but they still have plenty of time to frolic freely in the 107 spaces dedicated to them in the city. Thus, going on holiday with your dog in Spain will be a very good option for any dog ​​owner who wants to escape with his four-legged friend!

Also note that on the Costa Brava, beautiful beaches are allowed for dogs , such as the Playa de la Rubina in Rosas (160 km from Barcelona) or the Playa de la Platera in Estartit (140 km from Barcelona).

4. Italy

There are several dog beaches in Italy that do not just be dog beaches. In these dog facilities, everything is provided for your comfort and that of your pet : the presence of a dog sitter, groomer, sessions dog training  or swimming lessons to learn to swim with your dog …

These beaches include: Dog Beach in San Vincenzo in Tuscany, Beach 33 in Rimini, Baubeach (Nature Park Backcountry) in Rome Fiumicino, Bau Bau Village (Albisola Mare) in Savona or Spiaggia del Poetto near Cagliari in Sardinia.

5. Switzerland

In winter as in summer, Switzerland is a great destination to go on holiday with your dog. The country has beautiful places to walk in the mountains. You can introduce you to cani-rando, canicourse, Cani-VTT, or any other canine sport , or enjoy a swim with your dog in a lake. And in winter, you can even go sledding !


For all selected destinations as well as to travel to all European countries, your pet must:

  • be vaccinated (all vaccines up to date)
  • be vaccinated against rabies (mandatory)
  • be identified by microchip or readable tattoo
  • hold a European passport
  • have a certificate of good health issued by the veterinarian
  • Do not forget before going on vacation with his dog
  • As a master, before going on holiday with your dog, you must ensure that  all his papers are in order and that his vaccines (including rabies) are up to date.
  • You must be aware of the mode of transport of your dog : the airline / railway / maritime accepts the animals? in the hold or in the cabin? At what price ?
  • If you leave by car, remember to stop every two hours to water your dog and allow him to stretch his legs
  • You must ensure that your accommodation (rental, hotel, campsite …) is allowed to dogs and that you have reported the presence of your pet
  • If your dog is tall, it is better to have a muzzle  with you (sometimes requested in some public places)
  • You must bring your usual food, water, a first aid kit and medicine if your dog gets sick or is injured
  • If your dog goes to the beach, you must take some precautions and especially think to give him to drink to avoid sunstroke.
  • As a responsible master, you must bring dung bags and pick up your dog’s poop.

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