The White Night in Florence

Florence White Night April 30, 2012 Events in Florence

Also this year the Spring will be characterized by the Florentine White Night, maybe the most important event of the Season

A series of initiatives that will start in Piazza Santa Croce at 6 p.m. on Monday, 30th April and – after a whole night full of initiatives- will finish at 6 am of the day after, 1st May.
For sure there will be the usual crowd of people as well as the breakfast at six o’clock in the Palazzo Vecchio, with croissants and cappuccino for all those who want to stay up late.

The central theme of this White Night will be the children, active participants in the opening of the Festival, and the light. It will be the white the dominant color of this magical night. The organizers, therefore, have an open invitation to all the people who will go to the florentine historical centre: For one night, dress in white.” Basically, with the idea, we want to invite people not only to be follower, but an integral part of the ‘mechanism scenic

All the people in this period in Florence are obviously invited to be part of this so nice Tradition 🙂
And then, let us know if you liked it !

Have a great time in Florence !!

Luisa Rellini

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