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The first flights around the world

The airline industry is worth two trillion dollars and supports more than fifty-six million jobs worldwide. In an average year, the industry carries more than three billion people and fifty million tonnes of cargo. To say that it is an important industry would be a vast understatement. Its history is long, sometimes volatile, but almost always innovative. It is an industry that is constantly adapting to the changing needs of its customers.
This StoryMap tracks some of the world’s first flights. These range from the first scheduled commercial flight, a flying boat which flew across a bay from St. Petersburg to Tampa in Florida in the USA in 1914; to the first commercial jetliner, the De Havilland Comet, which entered into service in 1952 after being manufactured and developed at the Hatfield Aerodrome in Hertfordshire in the UK.
For more insights into the fascinating area of the first flights around the world, (including the first non-stop transpolar flight which took off from New York in 1998, flew over the North Pole and landed in Hong Kong sixteen hours later) have a look at this interactive StoryMap produced by Sunsearch Holidays.

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An interesting post written by Peter C. from Sunsearch Holidays. Thanks again!

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