The Best Career Choices to Travel Everywhere in The World

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The Best Career Choices to Travel Everywhere in The World

A common thread I’ve encountered in my many conversations with employees in the most disparate industries is the passion for traveling. Even if you’re holding a job in a specific location, most people believe in the power of traveling to open up your mind to different cultures and learn a lot about yourself in the process. But if you enjoy traveling and you think it’s something that you don’t want to swap for a comfy chair in a cozy office, then here are some of the best career choices you can make to never stop going around the world:

Flight Attendant

By definition, working on a plane will get you anywhere in the world, even if for a short period of time. However, the drawbacks to choosing a career in the flying business are many. The time to actually explore the cultures you come in contact with is short and often better spent trying to cope with the stress accumulated after hearing the not-so-reasonable complaints of the passengers on your last flight.

English Teacher

One of the most fascinating and rewarding ways to explore the world and make traveling an essential part of your job is to go and teach English around the world. There are many providers of opportunities to put your knowledge of the English language to good use and they usually offer contracts that last from a few months to a year or more. It’s hard work. But it would ideally give you plenty of time to enjoy your stay in a foreign country and confront yourself with a real challenge.


To choose this path you will have to have a degree or a qualification in interpreting or translating. If you do, and if you’re fluent in at least two language, connecting people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to communicate can be the perfect choice to always be on the move and never settle in a specific location. The possibilities are endless. Whether you work as a freelancer or with an organisation, there are numerous ways to reach people who need help with translation or interpreting. Interpreters are needed everywhere from business meetings to political conferences and court rooms to more relaxed and informal settings alike.
Volunteering/Humanitarian Work

Not a money maker. But the only real way to understand what motivates you to travel around the world, possibly. Spending your own time to serve a cause without receiving any monetary retribution is undoubtedly something that can make you understand what really matters to you and if constantly relocating in the most precarious areas of the world is something you can handle. Volunteering jobs can send you anywhere in the world for the most various lengths of time and it seems fair to say that if after trying out volunteering for a long time you are still as passionate about traveling as you were when you first started, then congratulations, you’ve found your life calling!

Nicola Clothier is CEO of Accurity GmbH, a Swiss-based employment service provider. Nicola has an Honours degree in English Literature from Stirling University and more than 20 years’ experience in Swiss employment, and personnel leasing up to executive level throughout Europe.

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