The 5 Best Post-Christmas Holiday Destinations

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The 5 Best Post-Christmas Holiday Destinations

Christmas holidays are widely regarded as the best time of the year. A time to spend with family and friends, relaxing and enjoying home-cooked meals and awkward conversations.

After all this, coming back to the daily grind can be hard, though. Instead of counting down the days until the next holiday season, here are a few mini-break ideas to make use of the not-so-busy after Christmas travel season and spend a few days – or even just a weekend – away from home, without breaking the bank.

1 – Marrakech

The city that stands on the edge of the Sahara is perfect for a post-Christmas mini-vacation.

In the city centre, you can get lost in the magical atmosphere of Morocco, just looking at beautiful carpets or taking a stroll outside medina, where you’ll find the new town with amazing restaurants and gorgeous art boutiques.

2 – Geneva

An unconventional destination for a January/February trip abroad, but Switzerland, with its unique charm is the perfect destination if you want to be completely surrounded by nature and breath-taking views from the Lake Geneva to lovely countryside paths.

The list of attraction is limitless, and Geneva is a perfect example of what a modern yet historical city can offer – from the international financial district where you can learn about how the notoriously precise Swiss tax system works to feeling the buzz of a lively international community working together, to classy mountain-top chalets where relaxing is almost too easy.

3 – Paris

Easy choice. What is there to say about the city of love and the centre of the art world. Paris has everything: great restaurants, art galleries, entertainment for all and a wild nightlife.

Whether you want to go around and take a look at the classical historical landmarks (Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre) or just take a stroll along the Seine, there’s something for everyone and just the thought of having soaked up the atmosphere of such an iconic city – even if only for a weekend – can definitely get you through a post-holiday working-week.

Bonus thing you probably didn’t know, traveling for a weekend in Paris is actually less expensive than most people think!

4 – Rome

Ah, the Eternal City! Before you say it, I know, Rome is not ideal if you want to get away from a busy, fast-moving city life. But if you know the right spots in Rome, you can easily find yourself in picturesque corners of the city overlooking the river Tiber while sipping a delicious drink.

Some great spots to visit?

Vatican & Prati. …

Appia Antica


5 – Budapest

Sleeper pick time! The capital of Hungary, divided by the river Danube, is a “hidden” gem real travellers know of and recommend as a little-known vacation spot to anyone with good taste.

Incredible architecture, great restaurants and beautiful views. The mix of baroque architecture and neoclassical is in itself a reason to see this gorgeous city at least once in your lifetime. It’s very cheap to travel to Budapest any time of the year and the cost of living is very reasonable!

So, just pick your mini-break destination and pack your bags (lightly)! Escaping the daily routine can make the difference between high productivity and low productivity. Have a safe trip!

About the author :

Nicola Clothier is CEO of Accurity GmbH, a Swiss-based employment service provider. Nicola has an Honours degree in English Literature from Stirling University and more than 20 years’ experience in Swiss employment, and personnel leasing up to executive level throughout Europe.

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