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Market strategy or Market action ?

Let’s start :

1) Market strategy is, in my opinion, something you decide and carefully plan regarding the management of your product or service.
F.i. : in the hotel industry it’s the capability to sell at the right person, at the right time and with the right price.
Once you understand what you want to reach and earn, then proceed with the right action..
Depending on the structure you manage, you can decide how to propose your hotel, which channel manager to choose, what special offers to propose, what Online Travel Agencies to use and contact, on which target to point.
But also the costs to consider, the budget you’ve at disposal and the improvements you want to realize.
I think that every strategy has to be for at least 1 year or 6 months just in case of future amendments…

2) Market strategy and action don’t differ but one is the reason of the other one…are complementary

3) How to write a market strategy ?? Simple…Think about it and everything around the service or product you want to develop….prepare like a list with all the points to realize… and then, once done, you can begin with the help of someone else to work hardly to the realization of your goals. Remember that you’ve to calculate how high is your budget not to waste any time or money…

4) Finally once your program is ready, you can start with the action…

To be continued….Edited by M Luisa Rellini
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