Impact of Covid-19 on Eating and Well-Being habits

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Impact of Covid-19 on Eating and Well-Being habits

Impact of Covid-19 on Eating and Well-Being habits… how strong do you think?

We are still fighting against the Pandemie and many of our standard eating and well-being habits were in some way modified… the first thing I’ve come up with is about the new trend of working from home and engaging or managing everything online.

I couldn’t imagine before 2020 how Covid-19 would have affected so much on our lifestyle but yes, now I know it and since I’m working – like many of you – always more in smart-working mode, I’ve thought to make a brief research and analysis on the situation we are living day by day and how it has changed in course of this so strange time.

Let’s see which impact wordwide Covid-19 has caused:

  • In South East Asia has stimulated changes in traditional food purchasing patterns and dietary habits. These include an increased reliance on cheaper foods (e.g. more rice with less meat, eggs, vegetables and fruit) and food ‘hand-outs’ because of loss of income; and a rise in purchase of packaged foods (e.g. instant noodles), fast foods, shopping on-line and from convenience stores due to lock-down. At the same time, some people are eating more home-cooked food while they are at home.
  • In India COVID-19 marginally improved the eating behaviour, yet one-third of participants gained weight as physical activity declined significantly coupled with an increase in screen and sitting time. Mental health was also adversely affected. A detailed understanding of these factors can help to develop interventions to mitigate the negative lifestyle behaviours that have manifested during COVID-19.
  • Except for these cases, we see how Covid-19 has modified our healthy and eating habits, giving more time on preparing meals and less time in outgoing and fitness… let’s see for example in Canada… what’s up! Canada’s lockdown for the COVID-19 pandemic has placed heavy restrictions on individuals and businesses, which have altered many commonplace activities, from preparing and consuming foods to shopping, exercising and spending time outdoors. The health of adults in Canada is changing, and not just because of the virus, but also because of pre-existing and newly emerging health habits.

We can see how the same situation has happen for examplie in the USA with an incredible gain of weight and majority of Americans admit how is become a priority to lose weight (51%)

Without realising exactly how the situation is exceptional, many of us – Europeans and Americans or Canadians – have changed increasingly their own habits and reduced too much the good habits to go out every day, walk or run for some time, eat healthy and drink not too much, less alcohol and so on.

Other bad affects are about the sleeping style, manage the interaction with people / clients or friends, too much on videogames for kids and teenagers, the online training school and so on.

I also think about the less interest to plan a journey for the next holidays because all of us are stressed about what we will find, if we’ll have to continue wearing the mask, maintaining the social distancing (I’ve recently heard how the next step is to stay away 2 meters from each other… can you imagine how it could be for a coffe, ice cream or pizza with your partner, family or friends?)

As you know, we love writing about the hospitality and tourism industry but I think that it was a good way to create something new dedicated to our lifestyle, how changed it is, just because we like travelling and exploring new destinations when we are happy and satisfied with our life, work, partner and friends. I think all of we like thinking to something new when we are fit and want to know something more and have new friends. For the next time we’ll be free to do it, and this will happen for sure – sooner or later – let’s make the basis to be ready and struggle to keep our body in the good way like before the pandemie.

Do you have an alternative? What methods did you apply for keeping healthy eating and well-being habits?

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