Ice Cream Festival in Florence

In May, the Tuscan capitalattraction for millions of tourists every year, hosts in its most famous places of the historical center the country‘s best homemade ice cream, ice cream and Italian industry is leading with 100% Sammontana.
Villages are the framework of cultural and educational paths of ice and a full schedule of meetings, appointments and events.

The third edition of the Florence Ice Cream Festival will be held 23 to 27 May 2012.

The star of the Festival: the ice cream!
The ice cream is a food preparation obtained with a mixture of ingredients reach the solid state or pasty by freezing and simultaneous agitation. We find in the recipe ingredients like milk and eggs, but can also be made with fruit.

Regarding the origins of the ice cream you cannot ignore the fundamental importance of the Tuscan capital – Florence- in the invention of ice cream in the form similar to that now enjoyed. The age is one of the great inventions and the awakening of the arts and culture, the Renaissance.


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