How to Build a Family-Friendly Tourist Destination for Travelers?

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How to Build a Family-Friendly Tourist Destination for Travelers?

Offer Rooms That Can Accommodate 4 or More People (2 Parents and 2+ Children)

It’s unreasonable to expect multiple rooms that can accommodate 6 people, however, you should have at least 1 available room for larger families. If you do not have spaces that can accommodate the entire family at least make sure that they have connecting rooms. It would be a really unpleasant experience for the family to be divided into separate parts of the location they are staying at for the duration of their stay.

Family Discounts

This one is pretty straightforward. By making discounts for a specific target group you are incentivizing that specific group to check you out and become attracted to your business. This is one of the clearest indicators of who you want your customers to be and who you respect. If you cannot accommodate an entire family in 1 room then they will have to reserve 2 rooms, with this in mind it would be ludicrous to charge them the same amount for all of your services. Instead, you should have a special deal for the services that they get. You might get more money in the short run by charging full price for everything, but if they feel the appreciation you have for them, you will open up a new market for yourself. That family will cherish the deals you offer for families and they will most definitely speak positively of your place to their friends resulting in further outreach and free marketing.
This can also be achieved by making the booking process easier for families. This can be achieved by making the website easier to use and with clear information being displayed on it. You’d be surprised how many hotels fail to make their child policy clear. Nor is it exactly clear how many kids are the rooms made for. This can all cause feelings of anxiety for the family so by making your website family-friendly you will automatically be more likable than some of your other competitors.

Kid-Friendly Activities

Organizing family activities can prove to be a worthy investment as it generally doesn’t require a ton of preparation. You can research the locations near you that you can direct them to for fun activities (more on this later), or you can make your own activities at your establishment. Depending on the business in question it can be from a game room, activities club, petting zoo, or anything else that fits your establishment.
You can also opt for opening a separate game room if you do not want to organize activities. Having a room where the kids can go and play is always a plus for families so they can have some alone time periodically. However, it would be recommendable to not charge extra for this, or at least charge a minimal price. Families will not pay an extra $50 for such a thing as they would feel exploited and this can backfire fast.

Build a Kid-Friendly Pool

If your business can have it, then have a kid-friendly pool built. This will leave fewer risks for the parents so that they can be safe in the pool for kids rather than risk anything in the main pool (especially so other people don’t do anything that might endanger them). It can be an annex of the main pool or it can be a separate pool altogether. Basically, you should approach the situation from the perspective of the parents.

A Special Kids Menu

There are many services that families appreciate when they go to a tourist destination. One of those is having a well-made kids’ menu. This eases the process of ordering food because you can immediately give the menu to the child and see what do they want.
While on the topic, it’s worth mentioning that having more open places around your establishment will definitely help with having a more kid-friendly appeal. When you are ordering food it’s always nice to have an open place where the kids can run around or play while waiting for the food. Of course, more open spaces will also contribute to your COVID-19 regulations.

Partner up With Relevant Businesses

One way to snag some good investment money while making your establishment more appealing to families is by making relevant partnerships or sponsorships. You simply have to look at what companies are the most relevant for kids or families as a whole. Whether it’s a company like Toys“R”Us or Lego, you have a good chance of making a deal so that your business becomes more appealing to families while also progressing your business with key partnerships and sponsorships. It doesn’t have to be a big partnership either (it most likely wouldn’t be anyway), cooperating with local businesses can prove to be a worthy endeavor as well. Perhaps there is a local business that makes great hamburgers or any family activities. You can see whether you can work out a deal so that the visitors of your business can get coupons or special deals for the business close to you. For example, maybe the business next door has great commercial playground equipment, just imagine the reputation your business would get from partnering up with them. Cooperation with the relevant businesses can prove to be very beneficial, so give it a shot.

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