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How Online reviews have changed the Hotel Industry

If you are in the Hotel Industry online reviews are a big part of your business. Hotels need to watch carefully as the positive and negative reviews are made online by customers.

In 2016, if someone is booking a hotel, more times than not, they check if the reviews has good reviews online. If the reviews aren’t positive very few people will go to the hotel, and they will simply choose a hotel with better reviews.

Obviously because of this, hotels need to put extra focus on pleasing every customer as much as they can. Also, it’s important to remember that you can’t please every customer, and you will receive bad reviews online.

Responding to these bad reviews in a calm manner will help repair the hotel’s reputation.

Hotels now need to ensure they have a flawless online reputation.

85% of travellers read up to 10 reviews.

78% of travellers claim reviews help them feel more confident in their decisions.

50% of travellers do not book a room until they’ve read peer reviews online.

How hotels respond to the reviews is vital. Whether the review is positive or negative hotels need to respond appropriately and quickly as 68% say they would choose a hotel with management responses over a competitor without.

You can find out more about how to respond to reviews and encourage people to leave reviews in the infographic from Nerval.


A special Thanks to Mario S. from Nerval Corporation.

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