Easy Riders: The Top Travel Destinations for Those with a Bike

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Easy Riders: The Top Travel Destinations for Those with a Bike

Spending time in a new city, tasting different cuisines and being immersed in a new culture is something we all dream of.

However, if you’re a keen cyclist it can feel like a risk visiting somewhere new. After all, not all cities are great for cycling.

Luckily, Rubberbond has analysed the top five travel destinations of 2017 (according to Mastercard) before rating each cities bicycle amenities:


Cyclists make up 5% of all traffic on Parisian roads, so they are really taken into account in the French capital. There are even plans to build a bicycle freeway to increase efficiency for cyclists there.

Bicycle Network Rating: 8/10


The Great British capital is a little less consistent in its support of cyclists. However, the city does offer some good cycle lanes and well-designed junctions.

Bicycle Network Rating: 7/10


With an array of cycle clubs and sharing networks, Bangkok is a great place to explore on two wheels. However, cyclists are not currently a priority on the roads of Bangkok

Bicycle Network Rating: 6/10


A great city for a holiday, Singapore promises to be entirely cyclist friendly by 2030. In the meantime though, the city lacks a comprehensive network of cycle paths.

Bicycle Network Rating: 6/10


One of the fastest growing tourist hotspots in the world, Dubai certainly has some amazing sights to behold. There is a vast array of cycling clubs in Dubai, but unfortunately the roads there simply aren’t friendly for cyclists.

Bicycle Network Rating: 5/10

Exploring on two wheels gives a unique perspective and is a great way to take in the culture.

Discover more about these cities and their offerings for tourists.

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