A Hallow-Scream Guide to the UK’s Spookiest Hotspots

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A Hallow-Scream Guide to the UK’s Spookiest Hotspots

A Hallow-Scream Guide to the UK’s Spookiest Hotspots – With the scariest time of the year almost upon us, it’s the perfect time to fit in a spot of spooky sightseeing. The UK is filled with terrifying tales of ghosts, specters and hauntings. From the tip of Scotland to the southern counties, there are plenty of gruesome stories to discover.

For fans of the supernatural, Protection Supplies have uncovered the top ten spookiest spots in the UK:

  • Hampton Court Palace, London – Henry VIII’s ex-wives, Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard, are often seen running across the court, screaming for mercy.
  • The Village of Puckley, Kent – With a ratio of one ghost to every eighty-nine people, Puckley was voted the Most Haunted Village by the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Chillingham Castle, Northumberland – Once the clock strikes midnight, you can hear the ghost, Blue Boy, ear-piercing cries throughout the castle.
  • Raynam Hall, Norfolk – The daughter of the UK’s first prime minister, Dorothy Walpole is often seen creating hysteria throughout the hall.
  • Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire – With walls that carry a history of children being murdered and witches being burned to the ground, it’s unsurprising that many ghosts have been spotted lurking.
  • Fyvie Castle, Scotland – This 800-year-old castle is known for a phantom trumpeter whose trumpet echoes can be heard throughout the castle.
  • Crumlin Road Goal, Belfast – This dingy dwelling used to be a jail and a courthouse, and is notoriously known for being one of the most haunted places in Belfast.
  • Skirrid Inn, Wales – After the landlady tried to sell this pub, glasses began flying around the room, implying that the ghosts wanted her to stay.
  • Newsham Park Hospital, Liverpool – What used to be an orphanage and hospital, is now a derelict ghost-hunting playground. Here you can expect to hear the cries of children and the sounds of doors opening and closing.
  • Drakelow Tunnels, Kidderminister – In this old underground military facility, numerous visitors have experienced the presence of the infamous ghost, Oswald, who is known to tug hair, touch people and move items.

If the top ten spookiest spots has awakened your inner ghost hunting urges, don’t fret – there’s plenty of history hiding away in the UK’s dark shadows. Uncover the full spook-tacular guide to the UK’s spookiest spots.

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