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Christmas markets in Germany and Austria

Germany is thecountrywhere theChristmas markets were born,themarketof Dresden, theoldest of all, to the greatmarketsof Munich,Nürnberg,Berlin, Cologne,Bremen, Hamburg,Frankfurt togoto the Christmas marketstaking place incitiessuch asRegensburg,Trier,Bamberg, Goslar, Coburg,Aachen, Speyer , many of which areUNESCO World Heritage Site. This guide offersa page dedicated tothe most beautifulmarketsin Germanyand many otherpages with information onschedules andeventswith particular reference tothe German regionscloserto the Italian border, such as Bavariaand Baden-Württemberg.

The tradition ofChristmas marketsgoes back to thefourteenth century in Germany, the first document recording aChristmas Marketisdated1434 andcites aStriezelmarkt(market Striezel’, a traditional sweettypical German) in Dresden.In Germanyduring Adventawaittheatmospheric Christmas marketswith featuresfestively decoratedwooden hutsfilled withsweets andarts and craftsfor your gifts.
Thecapital city of Berlinwithits over 60Christmas markets isa unique destination,you’ll be spoiledfor choice.Very impressive aretheChristmas marketsin Nürnberg,Ulm, Augsburg, Dresden, Cologne, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Bremen, Munich, Passau, Coburg, Koblenz andthosethat are heldin the beautifulhistoric townsofGermanheritage listedhumanity by UNESCO asGoslar,Regensburg, Hildesheim, Bamberg, Lübeck, Trier, Aachen, Spira, Weimar, Quedlinburg, Wismar, Stralsund. Practicallyduring AdventeveryGerman cityhas itsChristmas market.

The oldest Christmas Market inGermany can be foundin Dresden.Near Dresdenhaveto report theMarketMeissen, famous for its porcelain,and that ofBautzen,the cultural centerof theSorbs, Slavic minorityin Saxony.
In eastern Germanyshould not missa visitto the famousChristmas marketsof Berlin, theGerman capitalduring Christmashas over60Christmas markets,the three mostinterestingare thosethat take place inSpandau,inKaiserWilhelm Memorial ChurchinGendarmenmarktfront of the palaceofCharlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. For visitors to Berlinare certainly tosee even themarketsPotsdamSanssoucipalacethat houses theeighteenth century, a masterpiece of the era.

They usually begin from 23rd/ 26th November to 23rd/ 24th December 2012.

During thepre-Christmas period(usuallyduring the four weeksbefore Christmas),Christmasin Austriais an atmospherelike no other.Eachcity has its ownmarket, consisting ofwooden stallsdecoratedand decoratedin every cornerthere arelights,local crafts,traditional music,culinary delights,Christmas balls, sweets andspicesthat create atypicalChristmas. The gardens,houses,andlocalshops arefullydecked outin Christmas decorations. There are alsospaces andChristmas eventsfor children

Thanks to theancient tieswith Austriaand Germany, the Italian region where theChristmas marketsare moreauthenticis undoubtedly theTrentino-Alto Adige,hereyou will findsome beautifulmarketsin the historic centersof Bressanone,Brunico, Merano, Vipiteno, Trento, Arco, Bolzano,Pergine, etc..

Usually open from end of November to 23rd/24th December

The Christmas Markets take place in many other countries in Europe and typical as well as very nice is the Heidelberger Weihnachtsmarkt in Florence, the city where I live and work…:)

From28th November to 16th Decemberit will take place in PiazzaSanta Croce.

The tradition of theGerman townbetween Frankfurt a.M. andStuttgart,will be renewedfor the sixth timein Florencewith its 40wooden housesandstreet vendorsoffering theirtypical products:sweets,mulled wine, beer and sausages,craft productsandmuch more.There will bestalls wherebuyingstauinefor the crib,Christmas decorations,traditional ceramicsBunzlau, traditionalPfefferkuchen(gingerbread), and much more.Open : from10 am to10 pm

Viel Spaß !!

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