Busy Airports : a StoryMap

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Busy Airports : a StoryMap

Many of us rely on airports to facilitate our travel be it for work or for leisure throughout many corners of the world.

These airports come in many different shapes and sizes and some are a lot newer and established than others. Some airports are busy hubs the whole year round while other smaller and more regional airports only experience pockets of busy periods depending on things like weather seasonality.
Airports face many challenges in their day to day efficiencies none more so than heightened security.

Security measures in airports has changed vastly over the last number of years as various terror attacks have given rise for a need to increased security measures. These increased requirements have cause confusion initially but also delays but are deemed necessary in order to prevent terrorists taking advantage.
Other pressures that airports face is the increased movement of people and with population figures increasing 1.3% with each year (2016), this is only going to continue the pressure on capacity. Issues like drug and exotic animal smuggling amongst others are also prevalent issues that airports and their staff have to enforce on a daily basis.
This interactive StoryMap below from StoreTraffic highlights the eight busiest airports around the world and it includes interesting details like passenger numbers for 2015 for the different airports.

Take a look at this interactive StoryMap which charts the world’s busiest airports.


A special Thanks for this contribution to Patrick Thuot, Vice President of Storetraffic people traffic solutions.


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