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Building a website Design with CMS or HTML?

Many people are already shocked by the term CMS, too technical, I really can not … No, then I would rather let my nephew, boyfriend, neighbor boy build a website for me with HTML for free / for free. Much easier.

But is that much easier? And is that also better for the future? Especially the latter is sometimes forgotten! And what about maintenance and adding new content?

And how well is that optimized to score well in Google? Especially the latter is important if you want a business website, without visitors your site is of little use …

Advantages Of Html

A website made purely with static HTML pages usually loads faster than a website with a CMS. Note, usually, because it depends on how good the code is used.

You can even build a complete website with Microsoft Word and publish it as HTML pages. However, the code created by Word is far from good and will load slower than a well-coded site. Search engines like Google don’t like such sites too much either.

Various software programs can do that much better

Advantages Of A Cms

The biggest advantage of a CMS, or a Content Management System, is the flexibility and the split between website content and layout.

The content of your site is in a separate database so that you can give your site a new look with a few clicks with special so-called Themes or Templates.

A new option that you would like to have is usually also quickly realized.

For example, you can create a Photo Gallery or a Blog without having to program a lot. And that programming consists of creating a page and copying and pasting the code you get.

You can then add or correct new content yourself. And for that, you only need an Internet connection and browser. You log in to your CMS and you can start working. If you want someone else to add texts to the site, you give them a separate account to log in.

With the right settings and additions, your website will also be loaded and found better by Google!

Which Cms Are You Going To Choose

This is the most difficult question for most people who would like to use a CMS.

You can take a very expensive professional CMS for which you have to pay extra for every adjustment and update, or you can opt for a free open source program.

The largest three open-source systems are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.


Drupal is not recommended for someone who wants to set up a simple website and manage it themselves. Drupal is a great system where you have a lot of possibilities and freedoms. However, it is also a very technical system with quite a steep learning curve.


An extensive CMS that can be used immediately after installation without any additions. You can add extra functionalities with the so-called extensions.

Those extensions are becoming more and more commercial extensions, with good support from the developer himself. So you spend a little more money on a special functionality. However, most extensions are still free.

Setting up your site structure is doable if you master the basic rules of the system. The latter is much easier to learn than with Drupal.

WordPress As Cms

WordPress is still far too much seen as blogging software, an online diary. But the latest version of WordPress makes this system ideal for setting up a website.

The installation, they say, can be done in five minutes. Especially if you use an installation script such as Installatron or Fantastice, it can be installed quickly without technical knowledge. These installation scripts are offered by almost every hosting provider.

Once installed you can log in and you will quickly master the system. The learning curve is very low and with the Small WordPress Manual, you will have your website online a few hours later.

Also with WordPress, you can install all kinds of extras, the so-called plugins. You can even lookup those plugins from your WordPress system and have them active with two or three clicks. That also applies to the layout if you want to change it.

WordPress is highly recommended when it comes to good search engine rankings such as Google. Here you also have to do some settings, but there are not many.
WordPress is currently used by approximately 17% (60 million) of all websites on the Internet.
The advantage of such a widely used program is that there are a lot of plugins available, but also that there is a lot of support and specialists available.

WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org

Confusion quickly arises between the .com and the org version of WordPress. Although both sites are Automatic, the creators of WordPress, there is a huge difference. is a free service where you can start your blog or site. All technical matters are taken care of by However, there are strict conditions and you cannot install other themes or plugins yourself. is the site that offers the software for free so you can build your own hosted version of WordPress. You can arrange and install all kinds of things yourself.

Conclusion Cms Or Html

You choose the system that is easiest for you at the time.

HTML if you want around 5 pages without bells and whistles.

Drupal if you have more time and like to sort things out and learn

Joomla! for a complete website where you are less flexible in the layout and extensions

WordPress if you want to get started quickly and don’t want to try too much yourself with technical matters.

For myself, I have both Joomla and WordPress websites, but in the past year I have set up most websites with WordPress.

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