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AnyTrack Review : The smart way to track your conversions

AnyTrack is a new platform born to track conversions and attribute them across all your marketing and analytics channels.

It was born to sync your onsite and offline conversion data with your favorite channels such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Ad networks and Affiliate networks.

AnyTrack is easy to use, intuitive and multifunctional. It targets digital marketers, bloggers, SEO and PPC marketers. No matter if you are a beginner, expert, agency or publisher. AnyTrack can support you in any case : as a Blogger you can use Anytrack to track conversions and sales from affiliate partners.

All of us need to be smart and to find digital tools easy to use and as more complete as possible. With AnyTrack you can do it in real time.

You can finally check everything happening around your brand, to your traffic and customers across all your funnels. Great to optimize and improve your ROI faster and smarter.

Take a look at the steps you can follow with this great conversion tracking platform :

  • Keep tabs on multiple streams of traffic
  • Amplify the value of every click or conversion with custom retargeting audiences, automatically generated in each ad network
  • Attribute with high accuracy the ads, ad networks and social media channels more profitable for you
  • Improve with no stress KPIs, quality score and multiple other metrics
  • Profit by your ROAS or ROI bidding strategies
  • Tie conversions and Revenue to your SERP

While AnyTrack is mostly used to track affiliate campaigns on Google Ads, it is also used by bloggers and it only requires to setup a code on your site to start tracking conversions. You simply need to open your free account and add the AnyTrack tag to your funnel or website and that’s it!

Connect with your anaytics tools, affiliate and ad networks. The platform starts immediately tracking and syncing.

Get started for free, just to decide that it’s worth it to use it.

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