A “Sundowner” in a timeless place

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A “Sundowner” in a timeless place

An aperitif at sunset in Marsala


It’s often said that African sunrise and sunset are the best in the world and for a certain part I agree.  Seems I’m lucky enough because I have seen some of them .  But… Imagine a place in Sicily ,  where time seems to stop suddenly .. An immense expanse of pools that reflect the colors of the sea and the sky. Everything set in a wonderful landscape, gently formed by the wind during the centuries.

Salt worker
Salt Harvesting in Marsala

An evocative environment, especially for the fact that it’s still used today for the collection of salt.
In addition , salt is collected  in a still genuine and traditional way,  with a trade handed down from generation to generation.
This extraordinarily pristine and picturesque part of western Sicily is named : “Stagnone di Marsala” (Lagoon of Marsala)

Imagine, now,  to arrive in the middle of cloudless day where the glare coming from this white land can give  the feeling of blinding you  ( even if you are  wearing sunglasses). The backdrop is a deep blue sky, which takes on   bluish  colours  just before a sunset . Suddenly, the  “saline”  become  as one of the most beautiful, otherwordly places you can imagine.
In addition , before enjoying the sunset show, I suggest you to visit the Museum of salt placed in a windmill. Buy the different types of genuine salt that are produced there.

Where does salt come from ?
Sun and Salt

And now sit back and relax for the best “sundowner” you’ve ever had in your life.  Sundowner is a term used in Africa to indicate an alcoholic aperitif in front of a spectacular sunset . I think we can use this word as well for the Salt Pans of Marsala.

2 glasses of wine on table on sunset
Photo @Alessandro Caravello Focus on right glass

I know .. I talk like I’m madly in love with this place .. and it’s true ..
Do you know what  ? There are places that “call ” us  . Even from a long distance. We do not know the reason, but, even before we have seen them, we know that following their call we’ll find a piece of our soul.

Amazing sunset
photo @AngelaMacaluso Nothing beats a sicilian sunset by the salt

The first time I arrived at these salt pans, I was so enchanted , that I decided that this was one of the place most dear to my heart .
I came across an evocative elixir made up of images depicting the sun that set on a dazzling landscape. Some workers standing out on a sky tinged with orange and gold and piles of salt. This vision really caught my eye.
It was like something that belonged to me, which gave me a sort of inner peace and at the same time that made my heart beat fast.

What to expect on a sundowner in Marsala
Treasures of the earth

It is said that a place is never just “a” place: but that place is also a bit of us.
Somehow, without knowing it, we bring it inside, and one day, by chance, we get there and since then, we can no longer live  without it … This is “that place” for me.

And now, hold a good glass of wine in your hand.  Imagine in front of you, the sea as far as the eye can see and the sun that gradually disappearing, leaving as a legacy to the sky all its palette of romantic colors . You will have  the impression of being on another planet, in another era,away  from the daily “tram tram”.
Suddenly ,  those colors will capture your sight and your senses, your thoughts and your heart ..
Around you nothing but peace , beauty and love for that place.

Not snow .. this is salt
photo @Vittorio Catania Water turns into salt.. This is Magic!

Watch the white sea of ​​salt that is suddenly enveloped in an embrace of blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow .
The most beautiful colors of the sky I’ve ever seen .  Almost surreal.

From afar, the silhouettes of tourists and locals stand out through a sky tinged of different colours. At a distance the round ball of fire (the sun)  adds life to those images before slowly disappearing …

The incredible beauty of salt pans in Marsala
My name is salt

Whatever the reason, as the night nears over , a kaleidoscope of colors will electrify the water. The skyline  will be streaked with red and orange lights with a sky that will begin to turn  pink and purple. The landscape will hit you so hard that this somptuous  place will leave you speechless. It will enter  forever in your heart, making you fall madly in love ..

Sunset across the saltpans and windmills
I think it is nearly impossible to capture the exact amount of magic

In conclusion, if you don’t want to miss this and other experiences in one of the most interesting corners of Western Sicily, contact me. Since I’m  your Sicily’s Expert , write to  isidepa@tiscali.it
Maybe you can book through my agency Sicily By Experts (www.sicilybyexperts.it)  the tour dedicated to those places,  called “On the road of flavors in Western Sicily“.

I  wait for you in this paradise where love is on the air

Nighttime in Marsala
photo @Usvi Richard There is so much to watch! I’ll say no more
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