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Hi , I'm Angela and I work in the tourism field from 1996. I live in Sicily and I Love this island . I know every corner of Sicily which is where the name of my blog "" comes from . With a ton of hard work and determination, as well as the idea of the achievement of my goals, I managed, piece by piece my life ,to create my actual success. Today, I am a successful Travel agent or.. as I love to describe myself : a travel designer living a not static life style. And I love my agency : Sicily by Experts Visit my web syte and if you need to reserve a particular tour write to my team. In all places I go my preferred mode of travel involves staying at charming hotels, because I like “glamour things “. I created this blog as a project to share my tremendous passion ,enthusiasm and knowledge for Sicily In the vast ocean that is the blogosphere, I wanted to stand out and inject a little magic that’s mine alone , about my Sicily. A Sicily storytelled .. a Relational Sicily .. a Sicily full of real experiences. “I’m on a mission to show the authentic, relational, experiential side of my island and the places I will visit around the world. I write for people that are looking for the most intriguous things and charming places and want to discover the soul of a place ..I love sharing travel stories and advice based upon my personal experiences about this beautiful and charming Mediterranean island and also aroud the world. I love to hear from readers! So.. be in touch .. write me .. comment on my posts.. You can also follow me on facebook and Instagram for travel pics and little updates. Kiss and Hugs