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8 Picturesque Cycling Travel Destinations

The world is full of wonderful landscapes that you might miss if you always use airplanes, buses or trains for your trips. It is undeniable that the aforementioned means of transportation are faster and give you more time to see all the things you would like to explore, but from time to time try something different and engage in some bike tour excursions in the country you have visited. We will give you examples of some of the best parts of the world for bike tours.

Enjoy the contrasting landscapes of China

China has some incredible countryside landscapes that are well worth a visit. For lovers of green and fertile landscapes, there is a zone around Qinghai Lake. It is located in the Tibetan Plateau and it is one of the most beautiful places in China, surrounded by mountains and covered with wetlands, grasslands, and at some point deserts. Needless to say, it is more than enjoyable to ride a bike and absorb that landscape that is so soothing and wonderful. For those who enjoy desert landscapes, China has one that is more than suitable. The Urumqi→Dunhuang route goes through the desert but it also has some beautiful oases along the way.

Bike through the silk road of Central Asia

Historically the Silk road expanded through more than 20 countries. Central Asia includes today’s modern countries of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Mongolia. Considering the political circumstances, security, and visa and travel policies, you can make a route that involves biking through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia. The latter is especially attractive because of its plain and very green terrain which looks incredible. These countries are not so touristy and you will enjoy some authentic experience without too crowded and busy places.

Pedal through exotic South Africa

One of the many jewels of Africa is its southernmost country. You should bear in mind the security issues since some cities like Johannesburg are some of the most dangerous in the world. However, your route should start on the other part of the county in Capetown, along the ocean and Cape of good hope. The whole coastal part is wonderful but make a small excursion to the city of Bloemfontein in central South Africa and you will be surprised to see French-like vineyards since this place has a strong European culture. South Africa is in the vicinity of Botswana, and Namibia, another two interesting places that you might visit.

Travel across Australian diverse landscapes

Australia is not only for beach lovers but offers a lot of enjoyable activities for bikers. There are some outstanding destinations for bikers in Australia. We would recommend the Great Ocean Road. It might be a cliche but it is still one of the most wonderful places in Australia, and also it offers a complete experience since it has cliffs, rainforests, beaches, and ocean stacks. Avoid holidays since it’s much more crowded those days. Your ride can start in Torquay and continue to the west with a couple of layouts you choose.

Ride along the Grand Canyon in the USA

Grand Canyon is one of the landmarks of the United States and deserves a good ride at least once in a lifetime. Splendid landscape, huge mountains, and wild terrain make it both wonderful and challenging. There are hiking trails, lakes, and rivers for you to enjoy while traveling. This trip is not for beginners though, since it requires good equipment. The terrain is not plain and a good professional bike would be more than welcome to avoid any accidents. This is a recommendation for other places as well, especially if you travel by bike generally, and it’s not a one-time trip.

Spanish pilgrimage on bike

The northern parts of Spain offer a magnificent Cantabric coast with wild sea and rustic landscapes. The famous pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is a great way to explore these landscapes on a bike. There are different base points you can go from to reach this northwestern Spanish city located in the region of Galicia. You can go from France, southern Spain or Barcelona for example. Along the way, you will enjoy the Pyrenees, the Meseta plain, and some good wine and pintxos at the city of Logroño, one of the stops you don’t want to miss. This is a popular destination for bike travelers and you won’t be alone on this trip.

Ireland bike tours in the countryside

Ireland is another European country famous for its green landscape, lakes, and rustic villages that are a true delight to visit to have a rest from crowded cities and traffic. You can generate your route in Ireland and explore this country to the fullest. Make sure your equipment contains some extra protection from the rain, like a cover for your rucksack. The tires should be adequate for the wet terrain. This is a place where it rains a lot and you don’t want accidents caused by slippery ground.

If you want to experience a new way of traveling, then invest in a good bike and try to bike your way through many wonderful places. Your budget might not allow you to travel to other continents, but we recommended several examples of each continent ¡, so you get an idea of everything. Each country has something unique and beautiful, so in case you have a lower budget, do the biking routes in your country or state. You will be enriched by absorbing the fresh air, landscapes and it will be completely different from the regular traveling by other vehicles.

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