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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Amazing Nepal

As you’re surely aware, the world is full of amazing destinations that you could visit and have a great time. One that you should definitely consider adding to your bucket list is Nepal. This gorgeous country has so much to offer, but here are just ten reasons why you shouldn’t skip it during your next travel adventure.

It’s not expensive to visit Nepal

For starters, you might like the fact that traveling to Nepal doesn’t have to be expensive. While some countries are simply out of reach for many visitors, the case is not the same with this one. Everything from accommodation and food to transportation is affordable here as it’s still a developing country. Moreover, you can try all sorts of activities like hiking that are free and don’t require a tour or guide.

You will be safe in Nepal

Another aspect you probably like to look into before booking your flight is safety. In that case, you’ll be glad to hear that Nepal is a safe destination. It almost feels like crime doesn’t exist here at all. For example, bigger cities such as Kathmandu and Pokhara don’t come with any danger while you will also be safe in smaller villages. Something to keep an eye out for is sellers that raise prices when they notice tourists, but even that is not common here as the locals are very friendly and welcoming.

You’ll get a chance to form many friendships

Seeing as how the people of Nepal are friendly, you will not have any problems communicating with them and feeling at home. Locals are kind and warm and see guests as gods, meaning that they will help you with any issue you might have. Even though you could encounter a language barrier, they will always offer tea and food. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to ask them anything you’d like to know about the country’s history or the sights you want to see. They will give you tips on where to stay, eat, and go. Plus, if you stay in touch, you can end up with lifelong friends.

You can enjoy the diverse culture

As your new friends will surely show you, the country enjoys a unique cultural diversity. It’s home to over 35 ethnic groups that all live together. All of them have their own culture, traditions, and language. Due to this diversity, there are also various kinds of festivals taking place all year long. Check the dates and see whether you can attend Bisket Jatra, Gai Jatra, or Rato Machchhendranath Jatra, for example.

The local food is delicious

If you’re a foodie, you are sure to love Nepal even more. Thanks to its multi-ethnicity, the country enjoys all sorts of dishes that you will love as well. For instance, one dish that you can find no matter where you go is dal bhat. However, you will see how different it is in different parts of the country, as everyone has their own way of preparing it. Other dishes you can try include chhwela, kwati, dhindo, and sekuwa.

There are volunteering opportunities

There are various ways how you can be mindful while traveling besides not littering. Lending a helping hand is just one of them. In case you’re looking to volunteer during your travels, this is also an option in Nepal. For example, you can teach English abroad if you speak the language well or have a certificate. You could also work in a kindergarten, help with building, offer medical assistance, or assist with the rehabilitation of stray dogs. If you’re willing to give back, the alternatives are countless.

You can try some interesting activities

Perhaps you’re looking to stay active during your trip. Fortunately, Nepal offers some interesting activities as well. For starters, there are many trekking routes to choose from in the Himalayan region if that is something that interests you. Then, you can also try skydiving, bungee jumping, zip-flying, paragliding, rock climbing, and peak climbing while white water rafting and canyoning are also fun options. Of course, there is always the alternative of going on a sightseeing tour and visiting cultural and historic places.

You can see plenty of flora and fauna

Besides the interesting sights, you could also see some majestic flora and fauna. Nepal has ten national parks, three wildlife reserves, and six conservation areas, which means that you can spot some rather rare species. In Chitwan National Park, you can encounter the musk dear, one-horn rhino, and royal Bengal tiger, for example. Who knows, maybe you even find the snow leopard. In terms of flora, there are more than 5,000, 400 endemic to the country.

The nature will take your breath away

The nature is nothing to scoff at either. This South Asian country is home to eight of the ten highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest. The mountains are one of Nepal’s main attractions even though they take up only 9% of the land. If you’d rather relax next to a lake, consider visiting Tilicho Lake, Gokyo Lake, and Shey-Pokshundo Lake.

You will be able to find some peace

Finally, if you’re looking to escape your everyday worries, Nepal is just the secluded place that you need. It can help you reach inner peace by bringing you a sense of serenity. Simply by taking a walk through the streets of Kathmandu or relaxing in a rural area, you will feel the tranquility that this country has to offer.

When looking for your next adventure, make sure to consider Nepal. It has everything from stunning nature to delicious food all the way to amazing volunteering options. Book your flight and start packing!

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