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7 Ways to Creatively Save All Your Travel Memories

Traveling is a beautiful way to experience new things, enjoy and meet new people. However, sometimes no matter how hard we try it is hard to remember everything. That is why most people take a lot of photos during traveling with the aim of preserving as much as they can. But, those photos are sometimes not enough and you can easily lose those photos from your database. If you still want a sure and creative way to preserve all of your travel memories, then make sure to read on. 


Along with taking photos, buying postcards wherever you go is a great way to remember your experiences. Luckily, postcards can be found at every corner in new cities, so pick the one you truly like. You can even get several postcards – one for yourself and some for your friends and families. You can even write on them and mail them to yourself and your loved ones to truly preserve this memory and make their day. Plus, they are great for scrapbooking when you come back home.

Keep a Travel Journal

Sometimes photos cannot capture your feelings and experiences while traveling. That’s why it is a great idea to write down every new experience and feeling during your stay abroad. A travel journal is an easy and perfect way to record every single feeling, emotion, and experience. You can write about places you’ve visited, people you’ve met, the food you’ve eaten and so much more. And when you want to remember a single journey, all you have to do is turn some pages and read all about it. 

Keep a Memory Box

A box of any size and design is perfect for your memory box. If you have some unused shoe boxes or pretty boxes you really like, simply store everything from your travels in there. Develop some photos you like, add the postcards and souvenirs to this box and truly make it special. If you have any funny anecdotes or experiences, you can write them down and put them in the box. Everything is allowed as long as it makes you happy!

Create a Digital Album

Technology is a helping hand when it comes to preserving memories. You can easily create amazing photo albums on your Google Photos app, but there is another great way to do this. You can easily get a digital video album that will preserve your favorite video or even a slideshow from your travels with your favorite song in the background. This way, whenever you open this album, you will always remember the best things from your favorite places. 

Fill Your Closet

If you like shopping for clothes, try doing it abroad. Different places have different fashions and styles, and you can buy one accessory or piece of clothing when traveling to remember the place. Then, when you get home, simply fill your closet with all those pieces that you can easily combine to create some great outfits. Plus, whenever you wear that piece you will always remember the experiences. 

A Travel Playlist

Music is an amazing tool to invoke memories and emotions. So, each time you are planning your travel, you can create a special travel playlist with the songs you are going to listen to during this visit. Plus, you can add new songs to the playlist that you heard during specific traveling experiences. Then, whenever you want to invoke those travel memories, simply go to the playlist and sit down and relax while listening to those songs. 

A Push-Pin Map

If you travel a lot, simply get a creative push-pin map to remember the places you’ve bin. Such maps can easily fit into the home’s decor and you can hang them up in your living room or home office even. And whenever you visit a new place, pick a pin of a color that will represent that place and push it on the map. It’s very simple and it can look really nice in your home.

Traveling is amazing. You get to see new places, experience new cultures, and meet new people. Every destination is an opportunity to learn something new and experience new food, different opinions and learn about the world. Nobody wants those memories to fade and sometimes taking photos is not enough. So, if you are looking for creative ways to preserve all those memories, you can easily rely on some of these mediums. It is all up to you, and some of these memories preservers can nicely fit into your home’s decor. 

Eve Anderson

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