5 Reasons to Visit Pakistan, 3 Ways to Leave an Impact & 3 Things to Pack

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5 Reasons to Visit Pakistan, 3 Ways to Leave an Impact & 3 Things to Pack

3 Things to Pack

Traveling is a charming thought and experience, but it can become very hectic if you do not pack the right things for the right place that you are visiting. In a country like Pakistan, if you want to enjoy and see more in less time, you would be required to visit different areas in a city as well as there is a lot of inter-city travel.

Here is a quick list of the things that you need to pack as they will stay with you most of the times.


A backpack is your best friend where you can keep everything that you need if you are having a full day trip or even just a stroll in the city. It is necessary to carry a backpack all the time and keep your essentials in it. As much as it is essential to take one, the wrong size of a backpack can get you in trouble. Make sure it is not very big as it can get a little hectic in carrying it throughout the day.

Laptop & Earplugs

A laptop and earplugs are a must -have gadget when you are traveling. The long journey on the road can be made enjoyable by listening to your favorite songs through earplugs. As well as a laptop can help you transfer all your data from your camera as we assure you that there are going to be a lot of things to capture and the memory stick will run out of space.

As much as it is wise to carry a laptop when you are traveling, it is smarter to know the right size and type of laptop that will make your journey hassle-free. It is not advisable to carry your desktop replacement laptop with you when you are on your journey. You have to get a slim, lightweight, and aptly sized gaming laptop under $500 ideal for travellers, digital nomads and gamers.

Walking shoes

Pakistan is all about exploring different places, and for that, one has to do a lot of walking. There are even many narrow streets inside the cities where one has to stroll and roam to get a closer look at everything and experience things. So, for that reason, it is recommended not to forget your walking shoes when you are packing for your trip to Pakistan.

In addition to that, if you are planning to visit the northern mountainous areas of Pakistan and have a great passion for trekking and hiking, then there will be a lot of such opportunities to fulfill your passion. As the famous quote says with the right pair of shoes, anything is possible, then make your desire possible and do not forget to pack your trekking shoes with you.

5 Reasons to Visit Pakistan

With the increasing social globalization, the world is getting to know more about the diversity and uniformity that exist at the same time among humans around the world.

These days one can get a lot of information about anything or any place from books or the internet. But there is a lot that one fails to see when looking from a distance and through the prism of media or the internet.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is one such country about which the tale told is with a lot of misinformation and deception. So, for you to have a true story of your own, we are giving you several reasons to visit Pakistan. Be courageous and discover the actual social and cultural colors of the communities living in Pakistan.

The Land of Hospitality

The welcoming attitude of the people of Pakistan will always stay embedded in your hearts. They always spot foreigners and welcome them wholeheartedly. The hospitality is such that people will always invite you to have a cup of tea or a meal with them. If not that, then almost all the shopkeepers will deny taking the money for whatever you bought.

Without a doubt, you will get treated like a celebrity, and you will feel like one. The real smile on everyone’s face and the tight handshakes that you get convey the love and care. Do not be surprised if people gather around you to greet and express their compassion towards you. Moreover, everyone is more than ready in case of any help needed.

Another incredible thing in Pakistan is that unlike many other countries, there isn’t any difficulty in communication. Almost everyone speaks or at least understand basic English, and it makes things go very smoothly.

Mecca of unbelievable Landscapes and Architecture

Pakistan can offer you landscapes like no other. From mountains to plain areas, from rivers to sea, valleys, and forests, and from beautiful villages to the full of life cities, it has everything to cater to the taste of anyone.

If you go towards the northern areas, you can find the mountains which are best for hiking and trekking. The greenery and the pleasant weather in those areas are so calming and serene. If you come down to the plain areas, you will find cities like Peshawar, Lahore, Multan, and Karachi which are full of life. The rich culture, architecture, delicious food, and hospitality will blow you away.

Furthermore, you can also find breathtaking historical places like Taxila, Harappa, and Mohenjo Daro. These are the most famous archeological sites in Pakistan and are sure worth a visit. However, if you are not traveling throughout Pakistan and still want to get a taste of the splendid ancient architecture, you can find it in the city of Lahore.

Some of the famous and historical places known for the Mughal architecture in Lahore are; the Naulakha Pavilion, Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Shalimar Bagh, and Masjid Wazir Khan. These places will surely be a delight for you, and you will be mesmerized with creative interiors and exteriors of the buildings.

Strong multicultural communities

Pakistan is, undoubtedly, one of the most diverse countries in the world. It is a host of multicultural, multiethnic, and multilingual communities, who all live with the most unbelievable harmony and love despite all these differences. They all live peacefully under one name of being Pakistani to the core.

If you want to have a close experience of these diverse communities, then it is undoubtedly another of the reasons to visit Pakistan. All the cultures and ethnicities have their own set of traditions and are very appealing. They all have their traditional dresses, food, music, poetry, arts, and even dances, which you can find throughout Pakistan and be thrilled with it.

The Folk music in Pakistan is the most enjoyable thing and what is better than hearing it all live from the local people, who use all the traditional music instruments like rabab, tabla, flute, and harmonium. In addition to that, one should not miss the traditional dances like Khattak dance, Bhangra, Luddi, and Attan.

Incredible and indigenous food

Pakistani food is getting famous day by day throughout the world. The reason for this fame is the explosion of taste that you get with every bite of whatever you eat. Everything is freshly prepared with the traditional and authentic recipes to treat your taste buds. Once you get used to it, there is no ending to it and the desire for more keeps on growing.

Among the delicacies of Pakistani food, the exclusive BBQ range, Karahis, Nihari, Haleem, Paye, Biryani, Halwa Puri and Chapli kabab are the top favorites among people. These are readily available at every restaurant, and you can enjoy it to your heart’s desire. Pakistan is also famous for its delicious street food, which is a total addiction.

Pakistan is not only the hub of meats, but you can also find some fantastic traditionally cooked vegetables. Sarson ka saag (mustard leaves) and “makai ki roti” (cornbread) along with cold freshly brewed lassi is the most well-liked dishes of Pakistan. Other vegetable dishes include; Shab-e-daig, Chole, Tarka daal, etc.

The street food like Dahi Bhalla chaat, Samosa, Lassi, Lahore’s famous Taka Tak, Gol Gappas and Kulfi are surely worth a try. From Peshawar to Karachi and the capital islamabad, every city has its outstanding food, which is an amalgamation of taste plus the love they put in making them. Every foodie traveler returns home all happy and satisfied after trying all the fantastic food.

Furthermore, the sweet dishes that you find in Pakistan are like no other. They are mouthwatering, and each bite gives you the most authentic and splendid taste. Some of the famous and must-try sweet dishes of Pakistan are; Gulab jamun, Ras malai, Barfi, Kheer, Gajrela and Rabri doodh.

Budget-friendly like never before

You might be thinking that if Pakistan is a place where one can enjoy to the fullest, then it might be at the expenditure of a lot of money. But the answer is no. Pakistan is very affordable and budget-friendly, and money does not become a hindrance in any way between your enjoyment. You can have just a few dollars and have all that you desire.

A simple meal can cost you even less than 5 dollars, and when it comes to street food, you can also have that in less than 1 dollar. Moreover, the road traveling costs are way more reasonable than you think. You can have access to any place with very minimum fare. The hotel’s stay is also very cheap, and the cost can start as low as 15 dollars per night.

You can also get the local spices and other specialties of each area of Pakistan with a very fair price. It is recommended to take gifts to your loved ones back in your country which will not only be light on your budget but give them a proof of how much you missed them while exploring a beautiful country like Pakistan.

3 Ways to Leave an Impact

Pakistan is a country where you can leave an impact and provide benefit to it very quickly. It is a country that is long debated over the international media and often remembered in terrible words. Foreign visitors are expected to contribute in one way or the other to help tear the country’s lousy image portrayed to the world and encourage people to visit.

Money is directed to areas that would not benefit otherwise.

Pakistan is a developing country and has so many underprivileged areas. It also has tourist spots where many people depend on income from tourists’ activities. Visiting these areas and spending a little money and enjoying at the same time can make a family able to have a decent meal or the necessities of life.

Enhanced cross-cultural understanding

The fundamental human beliefs are the same everywhere, and it is in the practices where lies the beauty of every culture and tradition. By personally visiting Pakistan and its different areas, you can have a closer look at the diversity that exists in this country. It will help you to have a better and clear understanding of the different cultures of Pakistan and compare it to your own culture.

Tell your tale to the world

The most beneficial thing to Pakistan from foreigners can be that they go back with a hands-on experience of everything and are eligible to portray the image of Pakistan to the world. Unlike the picture on the media and internet, you can tell your tale to the world and let others know about how safe and delightful it is to visit Pakistan.

Pakistan is in dire need of such tales as everything has significantly improved and foreign visitors swear upon the false news of Pakistan being a belligerent and extremist country. The foreigners are very well catered for, and everyone treats them like the guests of their own house, which is a rare sight in today’s time.


All things considered, Pakistan is one of the most desirable countries to visit and can be a host for any person. It has lots of room for adventure, marvelous landscapes, hospitable people, colorful cultural festivals, delectable food, and many thrilling and fun-filled activities. A trip to Pakistan has changed the perspectives of many tourists, and Pakistan is waiting to host you for a journey that you will always cherish.

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