115 Facts you never knew about Social Media

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115 Facts you never knew about Social Media

There is no denying that Social Media has become a huge part of everybody’s daily lives. From the individual using Social Networks in their personal life to corporations implementing them into their marketing strategies.

Facebook alone has 1.59 billion users and a market cap of $312.78 billion. It has been predicted that in 2019 companies will spend approximately $17.34 billion on Social Media Marketing. These statistics highlight the significance that Social Media has on day to day life globally.

Unsurprisingly it is North America that has the highest number of Social Media user, with 59% of the population logging on to a social media platform regularly. The only region with less than 10% of its population logging onto Social Media is Central Asia. This proves that status updates, tweets and photo sharing are a global phenomenon.

Social Networks are completely changing the way people interact with each other and the world as a whole.

For example, 85% of participants surveyed reported that  they rely on Facebook and Twitter for their morning news. Social Networks have become embedded into global consumerism and are used for product recommendation, product discovery and the actual sale process. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are becoming an integral part of the online shopping process and are influencing consumers at every step.

For businesses, retailers and brands to stay afloat, it is essential to master the art of reaching social media users.Two brands that have completely knocked it out of the park on Facebook are Coca Cola and Disneyland. The drink company has managed to garner 98 million likes to it’s page. This is more than any other corporation on the website.

Disneyland has over 17.7 million. If only a tiny fraction of those people consider the resort for their next vacation, their social media campaign has been a success.

Check out the full infographic below to learn 115 interesting facts that demonstrate how Social Media is becoming an important part of everyday lives.

115 facts you never knew about Social Media

A special thanks for this infographic to Josh W., Community Manager of skilled.co

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