10 reasons why women should travel solo at least once in their life

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10 reasons why women should travel solo at least once in their life

Going on a solo adventure, whether on a foreign land or a local destination, has got to be one of the most eye-opening, exciting and liberating experiences that you, as a woman, will ever have in your life. Without your boyfie, bestie or sister by your side, you’ll have the sheer freedom to do all the things that your heart desires. Plus, traveling solo can, in many different ways, mould you into a better, more independent and fearless woman.

The idea of traveling solo, for most women, seems pretty scary and intimidating. But guess what? From the world-famous author Elizabeth Gilbert to the inspiring Australian writer Roby Davidson, there have been countless of brave women from all corners of the world, who have found enlightenment and joy by traveling solo. What’s more, it is fast becoming a trend among young women, who are 18 to 35 years old.

Still not convinced? Here are ten great reasons why women should travel solo at least once in their life.

It will make you more adaptable and resilient
Traveling solo, despite all the unexpected hurdles, delayed flights and wrong directions that it brings, is still a great way for women to see and experience the world. With a solo adventure, not only are you going to have a blast, but you will also learn a few invaluable life lessons that will make you a better person. As a matter of fact, all the hurdles and challenges that come with solo traveling will make you more resilient and adaptable. After grappling through all the hiccups of a solo trip, you will be capable of bouncing back from anything life throws at you.

It’s a journey of self-discovery
Want to know a little more about yourself? To be honest, women don’t have to spend a ton of money on licensed therapists, for them to know more about themselves. As far as I’m concerned, traveling solo, as a woman, is the best and most effective way you can know more about yourself.

With no travel buddy to influence or sway your opinions, you will have plenty of chances to explore your own thoughts and feelings. And as a result, you will get to discover the things that really make happy. Free the daily life’s distractions and a ton of devices, traveling solo will let you think deeply on your weaknesses, relationships, personality strengths and life goals.

It boosts your confidence
Traveling solo is truly an empowering adventure that will take your confidence level up a notch. Once you’ve survived the challenge of traveling solo, you will feel like can literally take on anything. The insecurities, hesitations and doubts you once had will no longer hinder you from jumping on new opportunities that life throws your way. After all, you’ve planned a trip, and went through all the ups and downs of traveling, with little help from others.

It’s going to make you more appreciative and affectionate
Days and months away from your family, friends as well as husband or boyfriend will make you realize how special and valuable your loved ones are in your life. You will miss them badly, but you will come back a more affectionate lady who’ll thrive to build a stronger relationship with her loved ones. As the famous quote implies, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’.

It will help break the stigma
Although women have made quite a lot of breakthroughs since the last era, the thought of females undertaking a solo trip is still often regarded as something as an act of taboo. Whether it’s a question of safety or social conventions, the concern for women traveling along is substantially greater than that of men. But contrary to popular belief, traveling solo is just as safe as traveling with a companion or a group, as long as you take the necessary safety measures. And if you really want to break this stigma, go on a solo adventure now, and show the world that women can be independent and just as good as men when it comes to solo travel.

You will gain handy skills
You will develop new skills as well as enhance the ones you already have, through this escapade. Your skills in problem solving, communication and organization as well as your ability to adapt will all be harnessed, as you put them to good use while traveling alone. In fact, you could end up mastering all the budget travel tips that you’ve read in a travel blog, or learn a few foreign words along the way. And by the way, did you know that these skills will come in handy in your life and career?

Indulge without guilt or judgment
Ever wanted to eat a whole box of pizza? We all have that one health conscious buddy who will lecture us subsequently on the immense perks of a gluten-free diet. Furthermore, some of us have friends who talk behind our back whenever we do something stupid, wrong or crazy. But when you’re traveling solo, you get to do anything you want to do, and eat everything you want, without the watchful eyes of a judgmental companion.

It allows you to work on your bucket list
Want to try skydiving in New Zealand? Have you been daydreaming of climbing a steep mountain in the Asia Pacific? As a solo traveler, you will have the chance to do all the crazy, adventurous and even the eccentric experiences on your bucket, without having to convince other folks to join you.

It’s free from annoying drama queens
Traveling solo lets you experience a relaxing trip that is free from drama. You won’t have to listen to a drama queen who constantly complains of the food you will be eating or the distance you will have to walk. There is no one around to ruin your mood and give you a headache.

You’re the ship’s captain
Want to find a hidden temple in Thailand? Want to go on a lavish shopping spree in London? Traveling solo means you will have absolute control of each aspect and phase of your escapade. You don’t have to strictly follow your travel itinerary, and you can even do detours along the way since you don’t have a travel partner to answer to. As an added bonus, you’re free to accept any spontaneous or last-minute offer, when you’re traveling solo.

Inspired to travel solo? Open your travel planner now, and experience the charms, idiosyncrasies and beauty of the world, as a super cool and awesome solo female traveler.

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