Traveling with Pets: 7 Practical Tips for a Fun, Safe, and Stress-Free Trip

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Traveling with Pets: 7 Practical Tips for a Fun, Safe, and Stress-Free Trip

Traveling is one of the greatest joys of life. You get to leave home and work, explore the world, meet other people and have all sorts of adventures. However, if you’re a pet parent, leaving your dog at home can seriously spoil your trip.

But did you know that you can travel with your pet and still have a fun, safe and stress-free trip? Here are a few practical tips for those who want to share their adventures with their pets:

Check with the vet

In general, pets with health issues, anxiety and old age might not be the best travel companions. In that case, please book a good sitter or boarding to keep your pet safe and relaxed. If your pet is generally healthy, go for a routine vet checkup to see all the vitals and catch up with vaccination.

Some destinations might require health certificates for pets as well. All of these steps can be made easy by your veterinarian.

Have some practice

If this is your first trip with your pet, do a few practice runs to see how your pet reacts to prolonged car rides. These test trips can show you the areas that you need to pay more attention to and teach you plenty about your dog’s triggers and obsessions. Also, know that dogs can get carsick, so do your best to keep your pet comfortable at all times.

Practice good safety

You never know what can happen while you travel, so make sure to pack a collar with an updated tag for your pet. This tag should contain all your relevant information, together with the phone number of the cell you’re traveling with. Also, ensure your pet gets all the vaccines for local animal diseases so they can return home healthy. Leashes and muzzles are also necessary, as well as crates if you’re road-tripping.

Pack their food

Long-coated brown dog on white boat. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Even though dogs are omnivores, it doesn’t mean your pooch can eat just anything you run into on the road. Let’s be honest, our pets are a little spoiled, which is best seen in their tummies. Oftentimes, when you feed your dog new foods, they can end up with stomach upsets, and you don’t want your doggy to struggle with diarrhea and vomiting while you travel.

For that reason, either pack plenty of their food to bring with you or try your best to pick up their favorite brands along the way. If you love to travel light, you can leave the food at home but pack healthy dog treats in pouches so your dog can enjoy a little snack as you’re exploring and trotting. These treats are natural, healthy, and loaded with all the good vitamins and nutrients your dog needs while away from home.

Choose the right accommodation

Even though more people than ever have pets, not all hotels, Airbnb places and resorts accept them yet. Luckily, there are many that have already jumped in on the trend and made their accommodations welcoming and safe for pets.

If you don’t know where to start your search for pet-friendly accommodation, just turn to Google—you’ll get dozens of hits no matter the destination. Expect to pay a small fee for having your pet in the room, but expect great comfort and even some extra amenities for your companion.

Check all the rules

Wherever you’re traveling, learn a few rules of the destination regarding pets. Besides pet-friendly accommodations, it’s also crucial to check whether parks, museums, gardens and historical areas allow animals. The last thing you want to do is to book a ticket to a national park just to arrive and realize your dog is not allowed there.

Luckily, today, many super fun destinations allow properly leashed, muzzled and tagged pets. The same goes when traveling by plane. Read up on the rules and regulations and make sure to respect them all if you want to avoid stress for both you and your pet.

Make time for rest, play and potty

One of the most interesting things about traveling is all the stops you make along the way. Your dog might not understand the new architecture and art, but they will love all the new smells. Also, these are the perfect time for your dog to stretch their legs, run around, and do their business.

Include plenty of stops and breaks, especially if you’re road-tripping. Incorporate training, play and zoomies into these breaks so your pet can get all that pent-up energy out.

Wrapping up

Take these tips seriously and don’t be scared to bring your pet to your next adventure. If you prepare well, your pet can only enhance your travel experience and help you create unforgettable memories.

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