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Traveling in the Time of Coronavirus—Tips for Safe Travel

Traveling today is trickier than ever in recent history. Even if some countries chose to lift travel bans, you might still feel stressed to leave home and hit the road. However, if you feel like you simply can’t stay home another day or you’ll go mental, there are safe ways to take a trip and enjoy the summer. Use these tips and protect yourself and your family:

Choose short trips

While you might have Bali on your mind, you might want to stay somewhere closer to home. It’s easier to cut your vacations short and come back home when you don’t have to cross the entire ocean. Take a look at some destinations in your country or state and find something that will scratch your travel itch. You’ll be surprised how many amazing things your home state has to offer that you had no idea about. Staying in your own country also replenishes your state’s budget and helps the economy that’s suffering hard right now. 

Stay outside in nature

The risk of getting infected when spending time in nature is low and manageable, plus, you’ll get all the other benefits of being outside. If you want to hit national parks, feel free to do so, just make sure to keep your (six-feet) distance. It’s best to treat other visitors as predatory animals and stay away! Before embarking for your local national park, make sure to check whether they are open and whether they have any rules such as mask-wearing.

Go on a road trip

Packing your car and hitting the road is one of the safest ways to travel this year. It allows you to stay separated from the rest of the travelers and take care of your health, yet you can still get plenty of freedom and see various things. Grab a map, find an interesting route and just hit the road. If you’re looking to stay on the road for some time, you can invest in a tent and sleeping bags and have a super fun camping+road trip experience. However, make sure to have a safe and clean car and all the necessary equipment packed. Luckily, practical car accessories don’t cost a lot and they take very little space, so you’ll be able to get everything you need for a safe and fun trip. If you’re planning to get off the paved road, you’ll need plenty of cleaning supplies, so keep that in mind!

Travel insurance—yes or no?

Many people think that their travel insurance will keep them safe in case they catch Covid-19, but travel insurance policies do not include pandemic coverage. If you don’t have a travel adviser, give a travel insurance company a call and ask all the questions that will get you to understand all the allowances. Most experts recommend getting a policy that allows cancellations for any reason. These usually cost more but in case the situation gets worse, you can cancel without a second thought.

Pack all necessary protective gear

No matter if you’re flying or having a road trip, you need to have all necessary protective gear such as masks, gloves and eyeglasses. Have a separate bag full of these necessities, so that you always know where to look for them when in need. Also, don’t forget to pack plenty of hand sanitizer and hand wipes—you never know whether you’ll be able to buy them when you arrive at your destination. Remember to use hand sanitizer often and utilize wipes on your luggage, door handles, seat belts and similar things.

As stated above, it’s best to ditch planes, buses and trains and use your own transportation. Also, try staying somewhere private and open to further reduce contact with other people. As long as you’re smart and careful, you should be safe to travel.

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